Using a Better Tuition Agency in Singapore

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How to Determine What Your College Major Is Worth

Having to decide your future is a difficult and cruel decision that many eighteen year olds are forced to make. Should you go to college or should you join the workforce? If you go to college, what should your major be? My friend, not too long ago I stared these same questions in the eye and decided on attending college; I do not regret it.

When you are forced to decide your future, there are many factors to consider that have large implications. Listen, I get it. It’s scary making large decisions; you are terrifying of being wrong. Deciding if you want to attend college will likely be the largest decision you’ll have to make up to this point, and I want you to get it right. So how do you know what your college major is worth if you decide to go? Read on to find ways to help you decide the worth of your college major.

Understand Requirements for your Preferred Career

This is important; you need to be aware if your career of choice requires a college degree. Contrary to popular belief, a college degree isn’t always necessary to achieve success. Take the time to do your research; you’ll be amazed to learn what people have accomplished without college degrees.  A college degree can provide the person who holds it with many advantages and please know that certain professions absolutely require you to obtain a degree.  I’m a believer in informed decisions; consider all options before deciding what to do.

Decide Your Degree

If you made it this far, you probably have decided to attend college. Congratulations! You’re in for one of life’s grandest adventures; I predict books and beer cans in your future!  All kidding aside, you want to choose the correct college degree for you.

There are many factors to consider including: How much does the degree costs?How many job opportunities will the degree provide you?Does the degree interest you?  Do you enjoy studying your major?  What is your major is worth in comparison to the investment of obtaining your degree?

You want to go ahead and take your time answering these questions as they have large implications.  A great resource to use is the career advisors found on campus. New England College has a terrific career advisor team that has guided students in the right direction.  Fortunately, if you do deicide to change majors in college, you’ll come to find that you’ll most likely be able to transfer credits and the experience wont kill you.

What’s It Worth?

So what is your college major worth? Your college major is worth the salary of the jobs you’ll use your major to obtain. It’s that easy.  Only obtain a college degree if you need it to reach your goals. The correct way to view college is as an investment in your future rather than something you do, only because you think your parents think you should do it. Go to college with a plan and with enough hard work, you’ll soon be living your dream life.

5 Tips to Help You Prep for the SAT

Merely typing the words SAT sends shivers down my spine. I recall spending my high school evenings reading SAT study guides cursing the Gods for putting me through this certain, cruel form of punishment.  Fortunately, my bad memories were fruitful: I obtained a great score and was accepted into the college of my dreams.  Can you say #WINNING? The SAT is a daunting test, but I have news for you. I have made you a list of simple tips that will help you succeed during the big test; read on to learn more.

Get Your Rest

Do you remember when you were young and your parents were always on your case to make sure you were getting enough rest? For the success of my analogy, let’s pretend I’m that memory. As your memory, I’m currently screaming GET YOUR REST the night before you take the SAT; it’s crucial to your success. When you are well rested you’ll be able to perform to highest of your abilities. In addition to rest, make sure you stay hydrated. The more hydrated you are; better you will feel.  More than half of finding success is feeling worthy of success, remember that!

Study Each Section Little by Little

As with most aspects in life, it’s easier to learn large concepts when you study little by little instead of cramming too much information in a short period of time. The SAT is no different. Purchase an SAT study guide and study each section little by little. Overtime, you’ll begin to truly understand the material in a way that doesn’t burn you out in the process. The sooner you start studying, then the better chance you give yourself to succeed during the test.

I would recommend starting your studying a minimum two months before you take the SAT. If you’re up for the challenge, you can purchase a practice SAT test to mimic the real test conditions. While taking the practice test, try to give yourself lifelike conditions; this can only help you in the end and make you accustomed to the testing environments.

Know How The SAT Works

Understanding how you will be graded can only help you improve your chances of success. You are only graded on the questions that you answer, so if you truly aren’t aware of the answer, DO NOT ANWSER THE QUESTION.  You obtain one point for correct answers and loose fractional points for wrong answers. Your scores are scaled accordingly in comparison to the highest possible score; knowledge is power!


When taking the SAT, be sure to answer the easy questions first and save the hard questions for the end of each section.  As mentioned you are only graded on questions answered, so your goal should be to knock out as many easy questions as possible.

When completing the writing section, use simple, logical sentences and keep in mind what the opposing point of view would be to your responses. You want to convey your responses so clear that a person without any prior knowledge of the question would be able to confidently follow along.

The SAT may seem daunting and yes, colleges including Norwich Universitytake your score into consideration when you apply to attend. Do not stress yourself out; always know that practice makes perfect. If you prepare for the SAT to the best of your ability, you’ll do just fine.

How to Embrace Campus Life in College

You’ve seen the college movies. Maybe it was the scene where the guy walked out of the party with three beautiful ladies that caught your eye. Maybe it was the part where the girl went against all odds and became the brightest student in her class.  Whatever caught your attention, we can see the benefits of fully embracing campus life.   Life in college is often considered to be the most fun anyone can have.  It forces you to mature as a person and puts you into some pretty wild situations along the way.  Read on to learn how to embrace campus life and get the most out of your college experience.

Join Clubs / Organizations

Do you know what’s a great way to express your interests in a healthy manner and meet some pretty cool, like-minded individuals? Well I do; it’s called joining clubs. College campuses are notorious for offering some pretty unique clubs.  Anything interests from quidditch, to flag football all the way to GW’s public relations degree probably has a club or organization to support it.  Joining clubs and organizations allows you to meet people that share your interests; that’s beauty of joining clubs!  If your college does not offer a club that resonates with you, feel free to start your own. Chances are you’ll meet someone that shares your ‘unique’ interests.

Participate in Greek Life

Greek Life is synonymous with college. Mention the words and images of keg stands, parties and secrets may dance through your head. I will say this, Greek Life isn’t just parties; they actually perform community service and generally strive to improve campus. When considering joining Greek Life, consider these factors:

Do you have enough available time to commit to joining a fraternity or sorority? Do you have enough money to be able to join a fraternity or sorority? Does the fraternity or sorority upkeep their values? Do you like their members? What is their campus reputation? Greek Life definitely isn’t for everyone, buy many people have found their experience with it valuable.  Ask around and make your decision for yourself.

Remain Open-minded

A great way to embrace campus life is to be open to experiencing campus life. Look, I get it; it does feel uncomfortable at times really putting yourself out there for the world to see. I’ll tell you this, when you do put yourself out in the world, good things usually happen. You need to be open to attending campus events, off campus events and generally experiencing life. When you make your self open to living life, you’ll be surprised of the moments you find yourself in.

Attend On Campus Events

Yes, I know the university sponsored event called Salsa Fever sounds about as drab as drab can be, but attending campus events puts you in a great position to embrace all that your college has to offer.  Attend the events on your campus, that’s why they’re there! A football game, a musical and any major or minor event in between are great examples. When you attend events, you’re forcing your self to interact with other students this giving you opportunity to meet even more people.  Just do it, you wont regret it.

How to Get Into a Highly Selective College

So you want to get into a highly selective college? Good, I applaud you. More people should be ambitious, the world would be better from it! Being accepted into the college of your dreams may seem a daunting task at first, but with the right plan, you’ll come to find that anything is possible. I have assembled a list spelling out tips to help you get into your top choice college. Enjoy.

Hit The Books

If you have lofty goals, you need to be a lofty student. To get into a top tier program you need to have the grades to separate you from the pack. A minimum GPA of 3.8 is usually the lowest that most elite colleges will accept in addition to a high ACT / SAT score. Make sure you hold up your end of the bargain by having good grades. Good grades show that you are committed student and value education. All things equal, when it comes to admissions, the person with the higher GPA will get in first.

Letters of Recommendation

Maybe you should have been kinder to your English teacher. Most elite colleges require letters of recommendation from your teachers. It can only benefit you to conduct yourself in a kind manner when in class and do everything in your power to get good grades. Letters of recommendation provide the admissions office with insight to your persona and character; qualities that cannot be seen on a transcript. This goes without saying, only ask the teachers that like you best; as they are the ones that would write you the best letters.

Get Involved

I, for one, can certainly identify with the merits of being a wall-flower and spending your free time alone. However, in this situation you want to show your dream college that you are an involved, healthy student. Colleges want to know what clubs you were apart of, what sports you played, what musicals you were in; essentially what you did with your free time. Getting involved in high school is fun! You are giving yourself an opportunity to expand your comfort zone and meet like-minded individuals. Only get involved in activities that you care about; you’ll appreciate the experience much more and go further with them.  Maybe you didn’t have the time to join any clubs or play for any teams because you had to work. Perfect! Show your potential colleges that you were successful in balancing grades and work. As long as you have an activity that you can speak confidently about, you’ll be just fine. 

Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts

Listen, I get it; social media is fun! It’s only on social media where being inappropriate gives you the illusion of popularity. Unfortunately, colleges do look into your social media presence. Breath easy kid, they won’t look up everything you have ever said or posted, but you should conduct yourself online with a degree of tact. Before you apply for colleges, including Maryville University, make sure that you have cleaned up your social media presence. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself would you be embarrassed to show your social media profiles to your grandparents?

How to Save Money and Cut Expenses in College

Very few people are surprised to learn that the cost of higher education is, well, high.  Even if you don’t attend an Ivy League institution to become a doctor or a lawyer, you could easily spend tens of thousands of dollars earning a college degree.  Taking advantage of low-interest student loans, grants, and scholarships can help to lower the overall cost of college, but many college students need even more assistance.  Of course, there’s a lot you can do on your own to keep costs down, save money, and cut back on expense.  Here are few strategies that could help you to keep your head above water.

Create a Budget

This is a biggie.  Most students, when they enter college, haven’t the faintest idea how to create a working budget.  Many have never even had to handle their own money before.  This may be a trial by fire, but you can definitely avoid getting burned if you do some research and use a little common sense.  It’s easy to find budget tutorials and templates online, so use the free resources available to you.  From there, make sure to stay on top of your budget, balance it monthly, pay attention to money coming in and going out, and plan for anticipated costs like tuition, books, insurance, and so on that may not be part of your regular, monthly budget.

Forego Credit Cards

When you’ve never used credit before, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of considering this type of credit as money in your pocket.  This is not the case.  Would you go to the bank and take out a loan to purchase food, gas, or a new pair of boots?  Absolutely not!  Who would want to take on the burden of interest payments for these trivial items?  Unfortunately, that’s exactly what you’re doing with a credit card, only you’re eliminating the accountability and awareness that would be present if you actually had to go the bank and ask for a loan.

That said, if you’re keen to build credit with the purchases you make anyway, you can do the responsible thing and take out a secured credit card.  With this option you’re required to hand over cash (or check) as collateral in the amount of your credit limit.  As a result, credit limits are generally pretty low (say, $500).  This will keep you out of serious trouble and if you pay your debt each month you can build up your credit score along the way.  At the end of the term (say, a year) you’ll get your collateral back (with interest) and you can keep the card.

Share Books

As you are probably well aware, making copies of books and handing them out for free is illegal.  Sharing, however, is not.  Since many textbooks are now available in e-book format, simply team up with a couple of classmates to split the cost of purchase and then place the file in a shared cloud account (like Dropbox) so that everyone who paid can access the textbook.  Considering how little money you get from selling hard copies back to the campus bookstore (especially with new editions printed annually for many textbooks), this could be a great way to save some money every semester.  Wouldn’t it be great to pay a hundred bucks for books instead of $500?  You may not be able to split the costs of tuition at Pepperdine University, but sharing is a great way to reduce the cost of textbooks.

How to Get More Involved on Your College Campus

College is awesome. It’s the perfect medium to meet like-minded individuals and explore your wildest interests; sometimes even in an educational environment! In an effort to guarantee that you make the most out of your college experience, I have complied a list that shares the secrets of getting involved on a college campus. I’m taking you off of the bleachers and through the shiny new doors called opportunity.

Figure Out Your Interests

The beauty about college is, if you have any interests, chances are there is going to be a way to express them. Do you like quidditch? Join the quiddiitch club my friend! Have the sudden urge to talk about science? May I recommend the science club to you? Do you fancy playing old school video games? Right this way sir! There are gamers this way!  Do you want to study for Case Western’s degree in social work? Yes, yes! follow me please!

You catch my drift. College is famous for putting students in positions to meet with like-minded individuals.  Keep your eyes open and see what your campus has to offer. Usually in the beginning of the year, there are on campus events that introduce you to campus organizations; this is a great way to begin your search.

Attend Campus Events

Although I can see the merits of being a wallflower, and yes, I’m sure staying in your dorm room to watch Netflix might seem more fun; but if you want to get involved on campus, attend campus events. Anything counts: Football games, basketball games, concerts, dances and cheesy, I-can’t-believe-they-thought-this-was-cool university sponsored events are a few examples.  Attending campus events puts you in a great position to meet more people and make your presence felt.

Go Greek

When most movies depict college, they focus in on Greek Life. The toga party hascertainly been immortalized thanks to tinsel town. Greek Life is a great away to get involved on campus. Although Greek life does party, they also have numerous events where the whole purpose is to benefit campus. Joining a fraternity or sorority is a fantastic way to meet like-minded individuals and pursue common interests.  Make sure you do your research before joining, don’t be fooled, it’s a large commitment.

Get A Campus Job

What’s a great way to help around your campus and make money? Get a campus job! An average college campus will have numerous job opportunities for their students. The beauty of working a college job is you are building your resume and gaining references for your future endeavors. You truly learn the value of a dollar and are forced to be better at managing your time; great lifelong skills to have.

Remain Open

The best way to get involved on campus is to be open for any possibility. Life has a fascinating way of manifesting opportunities only when you train your eyes to see them. Be open to hanging out with the weird kid down the hall. Be open to attending the sorority party. Be open to sitting at the lunch table with new people. Be open, because being closed off only leads to boredom and solitude.

The Pros and Cons of Joining Greek Life in College

If you are planning to attend an online college, like UAB Online, then you won’t have the opportunity to experience Greek life. However, if you’re like most college students attending an in-person program, then Greek life something that you probably won’t be able to avoid experiencing in some way or another while on campus. Whether you are initiated into a family or just like to attend the parties, you will quickly become very familiar with Greek culture in college. Here are the pros and cons of joining Greek life in college.

Pro: Make Lots of Friends

Your freshman year of college can be a little lonely and isolating if none of your friends from high school are going to the same college as you. It can be a little bit easier to make friends in the dorms, but there’s no guarantee that you will get along with everyone. If you decide to join Greek life, however, your fraternity or sorority friends will treat you like you’re family. In fact, they’re sort of obligated to treat you like family, which is why they all use the terms brothers and sisters to enforce a sense of familial relations. If you never had any siblings, you’re about to get a ton.

Con: You have to Pay for Those Friends

In some ways it can be cool to gain so many new friends right away, but it can also get to be pretty expensive. Not only do you have to pay your yearly dues, but there are all kinds of events that you will need to partake in which will cost money as well. If you don’t participate in any of the meetings or events – if you’re even a little bit late to a meeting – you will have to pay a fine. Greek families can get very touchy if they sense a lack of commitment, which is why they like to enforce loyalty with the threat of financial stress. So if you don’t have enough time or money for Greek life, then you simply shouldn’t join.

Pro: Lots of Fun Parties

One of the biggest reasons why most people enjoy Greek life is because they always host a ton of parties. If you like to have fun in enormous houses with tons of coeds, then you are going to love all of the fraternity and sorority parties on campus. You will meet all kinds of crazy people and you never know where the night may go. So learn your Greek alphabet and put on your dancing shoes, because you are in for a very wild ride.

Con: Lots of work

In addition to all the parties that fraternities and sororities like to throw, they also have all kinds of events and rituals that they observe. Whether they be initiation rituals, float building for campus events, or dances with neighboring houses, there will be all kinds of things going on all the time. So you need to make sure that you are organized and disciplined enough to be able to keep your grades up in addition to doing all of the work that is required of you in your fraternity or sorority.

5 Things You Can Expect During College Orientation

College orientation is often the most important part of transitioning into college life. Oftentimes, you have to arrive to your college at least a week in advance to get prepared for orientation. The process could take anywhere between three and five days. Indeed, there is a lot to expect during orientation and there is also a lot to soak in. You may be spending part of the time listening to the dean give a speech about the history of the school, and then you could hear a senior talk about all the rules of the school. It will also be important to listen for safety advice too. The truth is that you should expect a few different things so that you are fully prepared. Here are five things you can expect during college orientation.

  1. Take Down a lot of Notes

When you sit down for the lecture portion of your college orientation – whether you are attending University of San Francisco or University of Austin – you want to keep track of all the important talking points. This is especially the case when it comes to safety and other rules and regulations. The last thing you want is to miss something important.

  1. Learn About Different Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

Every college will have a a wide variety of clubs and groups for you to join. These clubs and groups are usually student run – many have been around for as long as the college has been around. If you are interested in any extracurricular activities, you may want to find out if there is a group that you may want to join. Oftentimes, these groups can be great for socializing and they also ook great on your transcript.

  1. Meet your Resident Advisor

Another reason why orientation is so important is because you will get to meet your resident advisor (RA). Your RA will be your guide throughout the orientation process, especially when it comes to getting the run down on the dorms. It will be important to get on the good side of your RA, because this person (it’s usually an upper classman) will be your neighbor for at least the next year.

  1. Meet Other Freshman

Indeed, you will not be the only person new on campus attending orientation.  This is a great opportunity for you to meet other freshman that are feeling the same emotions – excitement, anxiety, apprehension, joy – that you are are experiencing.  You may even find yourself in the same dorm or class as these new friends too.

  1. Choose a Major

On top of everything, you can expect to have the opportunity to choose a major during your orientation process. Of course, you don’t need to declare a major right away, but orientation will give you a good opportunity to think about what you want to spend the next four years studying. Choosing your major sooner rather than later is important because it will streamline your course load and it will allow you to choose and take only the classes you need.

Common Job Search Mistakes New College Grads Make

Completing a 4-year degree at a university is tough, but it’s a completely different challenge than applying and interviewing for jobs once you’ve earned your degree. This is a skill that is extremely important if you want to start earning the money that you will need to make it in the real world and pay off your student loans. If you’re not sure what to do and what to not do, here are some common job search mistakes new college grads make.

Submitting a Resume that Doesn’t Highlight Relevant Skills

Most college graduates have held at least one job before they finish their undergraduate degree. However, if you have worked at several cafes and restaurants throughout college and are searching for a job in the finance sector, you are not going to want to list all of your employment history in the service industry. You want to be sure that you keep your resume tailored to the job you are applying for. That’s why many people have several different resumes that they use, depending on the job they are applying for.

Applying for Too Few Jobs

It may be very easy to get your heart set on one or two dream jobs and put all of your energy into applying for them. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance that you won’t be getting your dream job directly after finishing college, so you will need to be proactive and apply for as many positions as you can. The earlier you apply, the more likely you will be to land a job, so get as many applications out there as quickly as you can.

Searching Only Online

It’s true that just about every employer will post their job listings online these days, but there are still a lot of employers who advertise in other ways. Many businesses prefer to hire from within their own networks so that they can have their applicants vetted by other current employees. That’s why it’s important to find out if you know anyone who already works for the company and see if you can have them make an introduction for you.

Demonstrating a Lack of Professionalism

It doesn’t matter whether your resume shows that you attended Yale University or Villanova University, if you don’t show up looking and sounding professional, then you are not going to be taken seriously. You want to be sure that you show up to your interview about 10 minutes early, dressed for the position (business causal, usually), and have an extra copy of your resume and any kind of portfolio that you might have ready to hand to your interviewer. This will demonstrate that you are ready and eager for the job.

Not Capitalizing on Available Resources

It’s important to remember that you have all kinds of resources available to you while you are still in college. You have professors who can write you letters of recommendation or introduce you to professionals within your field. It’s possible that you may have developed a relationship with the chair of your department, which could really go a long way. Plus, you probably have a career center at your school where you can go for guidance in your job hunt.

5 Tips to Help You Survive Your First Day in College

Your first day of college can be extremely exciting, but it can also be quite intimidating. You will be roaming a large campus that is likely still very foreign to you, meeting professors for the first time, and you won’t know many – if any – people in your classes. If you want to make the most of it all, here are 5 tips to help you survive your first day in college.

  1. Get Plenty of Sleep

On your first day of college you want to feel wide awake, alert, and ready to absorb a lot of information. You are going to be spending a lot of time in each of your classes learning all about the expectations of your professors and the overall curriculum you will be learning. It may not sound like a serious day, but the better you listen, the better your understanding of each course will be.

  1. Wake Up Early

Not only do you want to get a full night’s rest, but you also want to be sure that you get up early enough to eat a good, balanced breakfast and make your way to campus. If you don’t get up early enough to eat a full breakfast and get to school well before your first lecture starts, then you are going to feel panicked and anxious when you walk into your first class and it will be hard for you to focus and feel relaxed throughout the day.

  1. Find Your Classes a Day Early

If you don’t want to spend the entire day feeling flustered and lost, then you will need to do a quick tour of campus the day before classes start and locate all of the classrooms you will need to go to. Of course, this won’t be the case if you’re studying with UIC Online, but for the majority of college students, there will be a huge campus to roam and you don’t want to get lost on your first day.

  1. Make Plans for Your Lunch Break

Running around campus on your first day will take a lot out of you, so you want to be sure that you can really relax and enjoy yourself during your lunch break. Try to make plans with a friend or two to meet for lunch and share stories about your first class or two. This will give you the opportunity to get a lot of thoughts off your mind and not feel so isolated on your first day. Such a new experience can be overwhelming, so it can really helpful to have someone to share it with.

  1. Bring Your Planner

You definitely don’t want to forget your planner on your first day of class. There’s a good chance that you will have homework assignments on your first day and there will be all kinds of notes that you will want to write down. From holiday breaks, to your midterms schedule, to reading assignments, you want to be sure that you get it all down before you forget. Plus, you want to be sure that you start the first day with good habits so that you don’t set a bad tone for the rest of the semester.

5 Tips to Help You Escape Student Loan Debt

If you are like most recent college graduates, you probably have a heap of student loans to pay off and are very unsure of how to do it. In addition, it can seem almost impossible to determine exactly how long it will take to pay them off. Some people spend most of their adult lives paying off these loans, and it is no picnic. If you want to find a relatively quick way out, here are 5 tips to help you escape student loan debt.

  1. Join the Peace Corps

If you have always wanted to travel the world and make a difference, then you might want to join the Peace Corps. This is a great way to not only serve your country, but the world as a whole, and at the same time escape your student loan debt. You will meet all kinds of interesting young adults like yourself who you will form close bonds with as you go on adventures helping the sick and needy and building a better world for tomorrow.

  1. Volunteer with Americorps

If traveling all over the world is not really your thing, then you may enjoy volunteering for Americorps. With Americorps, you will need to be a college graduate and you will be asked to perform all kinds of duties from environmental cleanup, to building community centers and parks, to teaching in inner city schools. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you earned your degree from USC proper or USC Online. So long as you have a bachelor’s degree from any university, you will qualify.

  1. Become a Teacher

If you earned your bachelor’s in education, or if you earned your master’s in any subject, then you could teach that subject in a wide number of underserved schools. Once you’ve taught for at least 5 years, your student loans could be forgiven and you can either continue teaching at that school, find a job at a different school, or quit teaching all together. Once you’ve put your time and effort in, you can really do whatever you like with the rest of your life.

  1. Enlist in the Military

If you were already thinking of joining the military, then this is definitely the best choice for you to escape your student loan debt. Depending on your age, your physical fitness, your technological savvy and your degree, you could qualify for a wide number of positions within several different branches of the military. So make sure to do your research and find out not only which branch you would like to enlist in, but which position and rank you would eventually like to assume.

  1. Join the French Foreign Legion

Do you consider yourself a Francophile? Have you always wanted French or European citizenship? If so, you might want to think about joining the French Foreign Legion. This is a branch of the French military composed almost entirely of foreigners. If you spend at least 5 years with the legion, or if you are injured in battle then you can apply for French citizenship, which would give you legal protection from your creditors.

How to Prevent Your College Roommate From Driving You Nuts

Have you ever been around someone for so long that they begin to drive you nuts? Maybe it’s your brother whom you love-to-death, but cannot stand for more then five hours (or five minutes). Maybe it’s your best friend whom you would die for, but after an eight-hour car ride, you need to be separated. Living with a college roommate is one of the grandest experiences one can have in life. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll curse, you’ll defend each other and at times you will even annoy the living Hell out of each other. It’s ok, it’s normal; that’s what living with people is all about.

Aside from the education in your field of study, college provides you with a world class education on living with other people. This article is a how to guide to help prevent your college roommate from driving you nuts. You’re welcome.

Recognize the Situation

Listen, I get it; really I do. When you have a roommate, you are essentially sharing your life (including the good and the bad) with another human. Consequently, the other human is also sharing their life (including the good and the bad) with you too. When you have roommates, realize that you’ll inevitably encounter the aches, pains, bumps and bruises that come from living with someone. Certain days your roommate will be your best friend and certain days you will think that they are your sworn enemy. That’s life, take the situation for what it is; it will help you gain perspective.

Create Boundaries

A great way to be respectful of your roommate and most importantly yourself, is to set boundaries with each other. List out the rules for your room. Do you not like it when your roommate throws her clothes on the middle of the floor? Tell her that. Do you not like when your roommate plays his TV so loudly that you cannot sleep? Tell him that. When you establish boundaries, both parties have a means to navigate the situation. Boundaries allow for easier communication; communication is the key to expressing oneself.

Communicate Communicate Communicate

Keep the dialogue open between you and your roommate. No, you don’t need to know every detail of their life but at bare minimum, communicate. I mean, after all, you do live with them right?Tell your roommate if you’re in a weird mood. Tell your roommate that you’re not feeling well. Tell your roommate what’s on your mind. If you successfully establish honest communication, you have nothing to hide! Only the truth can exist.

Maintain an Optimistic Attitude

If you want a great and healthy living experience, then have a great and healthy attitude. I’ll be completely honest with you, there will be times when you will be annoyed with your roommate; that’s life. In the moments when you are at your wits end with your roommate, be optimistic that the situation will get better when you treat your roommate with respect. When you are respectful and have a healthy, optimistic attitude it gives you the inner drive to handle the rough situations with class and ease.

Use Your Resources

Worst-case scenario, if your roommate is driving you nuts and you cannot find a solution; ask your RA to get involved. The job description of an RA is to advise residents; they’re employed to help you survive the dorms. I’ll bet that your RA has dealt with similar situations and can work with you to come up with a healthy solution. Ohio University, for example, has a terrific RA program and has helped numerous students resolve conflict. Use your resources, that’s why they’re there.

How to Prevent Your College Roommate From Driving You Nuts

Have you ever been around someone for so long that they begin to drive you nuts? Maybe it’s your brother whom you love-to-death, but cannot stand for more then five hours (or five minutes). Maybe it’s your best friend whom you would die for, but after an eight-hour car ride, you need to be separated. Living with a college roommate is one of the grandest experiences one can have in life. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll curse, you’ll defend each other and at times you will even annoy the living Hell out of each other. It’s ok, it’s normal; that’s what living with people is all about.

Aside from the education in your field of study, college provides you with a world class education on living with other people. This article is a how to guide to help prevent your college roommate from driving you nuts. You’re welcome.

Recognize the Situation

Listen, I get it; really I do. When you have a roommate, you are essentially sharing your life (including the good and the bad) with another human. Consequently, the other human is also sharing their life (including the good and the bad) with you too. When you have roommates, realize that you’ll inevitably encounter the aches, pains, bumps and bruises that come from living with someone. Certain days your roommate will be your best friend and certain days you will think that they are your sworn enemy. That’s life, take the situation for what it is; it will help you gain perspective.

Create Boundaries

A great way to be respectful of your roommate and most importantly yourself, is to set boundaries with each other. List out the rules for your room. Do you not like it when your roommate throws her clothes on the middle of the floor? Tell her that. Do you not like when your roommate plays his TV so loudly that you cannot sleep? Tell him that. When you establish boundaries, both parties have a means to navigate the situation. Boundaries allow for easier communication; communication is the key to expressing oneself.

Communicate Communicate Communicate

Keep the dialogue open between you and your roommate. No, you don’t need to know every detail of their life but at bare minimum, communicate. I mean, after all, you do live with them right?Tell your roommate if you’re in a weird mood. Tell your roommate that you’re not feeling well. Tell your roommate what’s on your mind. If you successfully establish honest communication, you have nothing to hide! Only the truth can exist.

Maintain an Optimistic Attitude

If you want a great and healthy living experience, then have a great and healthy attitude. I’ll be completely honest with you, there will be times when you will be annoyed with your roommate; that’s life. In the moments when you are at your wits end with your roommate, be optimistic that the situation will get better when you treat your roommate with respect. When you are respectful and have a healthy, optimistic attitude it gives you the inner drive to handle the rough situations with class and ease.

Use Your Resources

Worst-case scenario, if your roommate is driving you nuts and you cannot find a solution; ask your RA to get involved. The job description of an RA is to advise residents; they’re employed to help you survive the dorms. I’ll bet that your RA has dealt with similar situations and can work with you to come up with a healthy solution. Ohio University, for example, has a terrific RA program and has helped numerous students resolve conflict. Use your resources, that’s why they’re there.

5 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Landing a Job After College

Attending college is no easy undertaking, but entering the job market after graduation can make earning a degree seem like a piece of cake. It’s no secret that finding jobs as a recent grad can be difficult, but the thing to remember is that you’re entering a growing job market. Not only are more jobs available, but if you’re smart, you can get in on growth industries with degrees in engineering, healthcare, and other fields that are on the rise. Here are just a few tips to help you land a job after college.

  1. Research Relevant Companies

Some grads are lucky enough to get approached by recruiters before graduation. Others are left having to look for jobs the old fashioned way, so to speak. Either way, it’s in your best interest to research companies that might interest you when you graduate and find yourself considering job opportunities. If jobs in your chosen field are not abundant, you may also want to consider diversifying and finding other suitable fields in which jobs are on the rise.

  1. Take a College Internship

Many graduates find their employment options somewhat limited due to inexperience, despite their education. This, however, can be negated to a degree by taking on relevant internships during your time in college. Internships not only provide some measure of industry experience and offer college credit (or pay), but they could also result in job offers upon graduation, depending on how well you do.

  1. Attend Job Fairs

Networking is an essential part of finding jobs after graduation and you need to do two things when you attend job fairs: make an impression and build relationships. Even if you’re not looking for a job at the moment, you will be soon enough. So take the time to speak with representatives of companies you’re interested in and then follow up after the fact. Keeping in touch with hiring agents could keep your name on their minds and give you a leg up when you graduate.

  1. Complete an Aptitude Test

We all have dreams and passions. Some people love art. Others appreciate nature. The things you love, however, may not translate well into gainful employment. Before you choose a degree, it’s important to consider not only what you enjoy, but also what you’re good at. From there you may be able to formulate a plan that results in a challenging and fulfilling career. You can also take aptitude tests that help you to determine what kinds of jobs you’re most likely to excel at. With the proper data in hand, choosing a major and starting a career could be made much easier.

  1. Develop Useful Skills

There are certain things every employer wants, even if they seemingly have nothing to do with your job. Candidates that have good communication skills, that are comfortable with computers and technology, and that understand social media are in high demand these days. So use your time at Wake Forest University wisely and take a few targeted courses outside your wheelhouse. Having the right skills and education on your resume can give you a competitive edge over other recent grads applying for the same positions.

How to Ace Your Final Exams in College

Mention the word “Finals” on a college campus and you’ll certainly be greeted with an agonizing recollection of stress filled days and anxious nights leading up to the big exam. Maybe you heard rumors of the fabled all-nighter and stories of failed preparation. Fortunately for you, I want you to ace your exams. This is an article that provides you with an answer to the holy-grailof college questions: How to ace your final exam. Enjoy.

So how does one do it? You know, ace the big test? Well my friend, as with most challenges, besting them begins with the preparation. So how do you prepare? Glad you asked! The first step to acing your finals is coming up with a plan.

Have a Plan

Utilize a planner and completely plot out your day; leave nothing to chance. Plan out when you study, when you break, when you eat, when you sleep and anything you need to do during finals week. When you have a plan, it immediately removes the stress from the situation; you are essentially making a blueprint for your success. Having a plan helps you avoid pulling all-nighters. Remember, there’s no need to cram, when you have a plan!

Obtain a Study Guide

This is rather straightforward; ask the professor for a study guide and study. Here’s the deal: Your professor wants you to succeed. In fact, it’s their job for you to succeed. If you are asking for a study guide, chances are your professor will provide you with one and even be flattered that you are taking their class seriously. Even better, work towards building your own study guide throughout the course by taking thorough notes and making chapter summaries for your readings. When you have a study guide, you know exactly where to focus your attention and you work more efficiently. Once you have your study guide, you can it use to update your planner accordingly.

Study Often Instead of Cramming

It is much less emotionally scarring to study frequently over a period of time, rather than to study all at once. Study little by little, that way the experience is never overwhelming and you remain engaged. A good rule of thumb to use when studying is the 50-10 rule. Study for fifty minutes and give yourself a ten-minute break to recharge your mind. Take your time; studying is all about learning rather than memorizing. If a subject takes longer for you to comprehend, then account for that in your planner. When studying, do not shy away from the practice problems. Haven’t you heard the old adage ‘practice makes perfect’?

Obtain Your Rest

Plain and simple, you need your rest to have success during finals. This is why all-nighters so often fail; they rob you of your rest and take away your energy leaving you to navigate your finals in a state of exhaustion. How can anyone succeed if they are exhausted going into the test? If you cannot pencil away 6 – 9 hours for your sleep, you need to re organize your planner.

Exercise and Eat Well

Do not forget to take care of your body during finals week. Exercising is a great, healthy way to take care of your body and combat stress. Universities such as Northeastern University have a fantastic athletic facilities to help students exercise in a safe environment. Be sure to eat well during finals week. The better you fuel your body, the better your body will work for you.

Should You Join Greek Life in College

“Join Greek Life” is a thirteen-letter phrase that invokes thirteen thousand opinions. Ask enough strangers about Greek Life, and you’ll find that nearly everyone including your grandma, has an opinion of Greek Life. You’ll uncover testimonials assuring you that joining Greek Life is the best decision one can make; all the way to an annoyance-filled scoff & eye roll. Greek Life certainly knows how to draw an opinion.

When picturing Greek Life, do you see toga parties with keg-fueled excitement? Or do you envision a group of young adults working towards a meaningful goal? Do you see social outings with other Greek Life organizations? Or do you see organizations working community service, positively impacting the campus? From my experience, I have found all of these visuals to be accurate. So back to the question at hand, should you join Greek Life? Let’s find out.

When you think about joining Greek life, you need to weigh a few factors. Consider how much time you are able to dedicate towards your fraternity or sorority. When you join Greek Life, as well as any organization for that matter, a time commitment will often be expected. You’ll be expected to attend meetings, work community service hours and also work for the committee(s) you’ll inevitably be on. If you’re comfortable committing time to your fraternity or sorority then you’re on the right path to join.

You also need to consider the monetary expense of joining Greek Life. Each organization has fees that they collect from their members used for various purposes. (Ask the potential organization you are thinking of joining where the money goes, they’ll happily tell you.). What I’m saying is, you need to organize your finances to see if you can afford Greek Life. Most organizations are able to workout a payment plan, but you need to first have money to join.

Another factor is to research which organization is the right fit for you. Yes, there are some fraternities that are known for their belligerent partying. Yes, there are fraternities that only take the brightest students because they want to make their community great. Yes, there are sororities that only accept a certain “Type” of girl. Yes, there are sororities filled with members that are incredibly kind, beautiful and smart.

Choose the right fit for you and you alone. Every organization has values that they live by, and impacts campus in their own special way. Keep your eyes open and attend every rush party to learn more about the organizations and their members. Ask older students that you respect for their opinions and observations. If you’re really interested in deciding which organization is right for you, hang out with their members. Keep in mind that there are fraternities and sororities based on majors. Certain degrees such as Portland State’s online criminal justice degreemight have certain organizations that support it.

Greek Life is an iconic college experience and one that is simultaneous loved and loathed. As with most aspects of life, Greek Life is what you make it. If you want to join, to have fun and meet like-minded individuals you’ll can do that. If you want to experience college on your own terms but also meet like-minded individuals, you can certainly do that too.

What Is Dorm Life Like in College?

There are few things more exciting in life than the anticipation leading up to college. I remember I had spent the summer leading up to my freshman year playing fantasies of my soon-to-be, certainly awesome, collegiate life in my head. During those days I dreamed of the parties I would attend, the people I would meet, the crazy moments I would experience and the career I had waiting for me at the end of the road. I often thought about the dorms too.

This would be my first time living away from home, so I certainly felt an equal mix of apprehension and excitement. What was dorm life like anyways? Every college movie I had seen leading up to this experience has taught me that dorm life must clearly be the best time of my life, filled with wacky, too-good-to-be-true moments. I’m here to tell you they were right. This article lifts the veil on the mystery that is dorm life; read on to learn how to survive it.

So what’s dorm life like anyways? To paint a picture, dorm life is like summer camp for adults. In summer camp, the campers feel a mix of emotions initially but learn to love the stress and joys of the experience. Dorm life is the same way in this regard. You’re living in a building with 50 to 250 other strangers who are equally ambitious and experiencing the same emotions of excitement and apprehension that you feel. If you learn how to leverage these emotions and use it to meet new people, you’ll be the coolest kid in the hall. I guarantee it.

Yes, in the dorms you’ll meet some of the coolest people of your life and experience more-than-one, unbelievable moment. Yes, in the dorms you’ll meet some of the most particular, peculiar and strange people of your life. This is the beauty of dorm life, it teaches you to take the good with the bad. Dorm life is what you make; if you want to have fun, you’ll have fun. If you want to have a bad time and be annoyed, I assure you, you will. I’ve made a small list of tips to help you enjoy dorm life to it’s maximum potential.

Keep Your Door Open

Keep your dorm room door open whenever you are there. When you keep your door open, you can invite people to come over and hang out. This allows you to be the welcoming person looking to meet new, interesting people instead of the person who is apprehensive and uncertain of what to do.

Be Friendly

You’re living in a building with complete strangers. It can only benefit you to be friendly. When you’re friendly, people will invite you to parties and introduce you to new friends. If you are a naturally shy person, then this is the perfect opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Maintain a Clean Room

This is a common sense tip but you’ll soon learn that common sense isn’t too common. Keep your dorm room clean and yourself cleaner. Nobody likes hanging out in filth and nobody likes the smelly kid. Nobody.

Have Fun

This is my most important tip. HAVE FUN! You’re in college! You have officially started the next chapter of your life and thus are actively improving your life. You’re awesome, so make your dorm experience awesome. Always take the good with the bad and realize that living with complete strangers makes you a more experienced person. Experience is good.

You’ll soon truly learn that dorm life is what you make it. Choose to make dorm life a good experience for you because you deserve it! If you are looking for more information regarding dorm life, check out the University of Cincinnati. They have fantastic dorm life!

5 Great Cities for New College Grads

When you’re trying to decide where to move after you graduate from college, there are several things to think about. First and foremost, you need to find a city that offers abundant job opportunities in your field. You also need a place you can actually afford to live since you’ll likely be starting in an entry-level position (at an entry-level salary). In addition to affordable rent you need to consider other cost of living expenses like transportation, not to mention the availability of public services like mass transit. Of course, most grads would also prefer a city that has plenty of youthful activity so that they can meet new people and have an active social life. It’s a tall order, to be sure, but not at all unattainable if you do a little research. Here are just a few great cities new college grads should consider.

  1. Boston, Massachusetts

Despite being one of the oldest cities in the U.S., Boston boasts one of the youngest populations, with the highest concentration of 20-somethings of any large city. While this does mean some competition for jobs, it’s worth noting that the unemployment rate is just below 5%. Rent is not the cheapest in Boston, but with jobs to be had, plenty of peers to socialize with, entertainment options galore, and a walking-friendly city to explore, Beantown has a lot to offer recent graduates looking to build a life.

  1. Raleigh, North Carolina

The ATL may still be booming, but there’s a lot to be said for heading north to Raleigh, where jobs in forward-thinking industries like aerospace, biotech, healthcare, and green energy are abundant. In addition, a decent population of college grads is bolstered by several area universities, ensuring social activities and no shortage of peers to interact with. With low unemployment and relatively low cost of living, this city is a great place for any grad to get a start out.

  1. Austin, Texas

The Live Music Capital of the World is best known for shows like Austin City Limits and events like SXSW, but it’s more than just a great place to see a live band. Coca Cola, Delta Air Lines, and The Home Depot all have corporate bases in this little city, and graduates will enjoy the low cost of living, hospitable residents, and endless nightlife in Austin.

  1. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Yes, Minneapolis is cold for much of the year, but like many smaller cities, it has recovered from the recession more quickly than high-cost, high-population metropolitan areas like Los Angeles and New York City. So what makes Minneapolis better than the rest? How about low-cost living, low unemployment rates, and 19 Fortune 500 companies to choose from, including Best Buy, 3M, and Target?

  1. Seattle, Washington

It may be pegged as the gloomiest city in the U.S. thanks to an average 150 days of rainfall annually, but it also plays host to a growing number of tech companies looking to set up shop in a more affordable city. Some say Seattle will become the next tech capital. Tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon already call the Emerald City home, and with more tech companies moving in, it could just be the next Silicon Valley, only without the attendant cost of living. With a hopping nightlife, including a killer music and club scene, plenty of outdoorsy adventures to be hand, and a relatively low unemployment rate (just over 5%), this is a great city to consider after graduation. It may not be as hip as Portland, but it’s definitely more affordable, and if you just earned your degree from Washington State University, you won’t have far to go.

English Students Benefit from Learning the Language in Dublin

Whether you learn English in London or Dublin, general English (GE) skills are necessary if you want a well-rounded education and to communicate better academically and on the job. The four main areas of the language—reading, speaking, writing, and listening—are better learned when the student resides in a city where English is the spoken language. By learning in a city, such as Dublin, students can better develop their communicative ability and activate what they already know about the subject.

Students who learn English in Dublin obtain the added benefit of experiencing the culture of this Irish city. Not only can they enhance their language skills, but they can also use the knowledge to explore the Irish way of life and become acquainted with Irish history and literature.

A Commonly Spoken Language

Because English can be a difficult language to learn, it is imperative to learn it in a city or location that is English-friendly or regularly makes use of this form of communication. Plus, English is the most frequently used language among speakers of foreign languages.

Whilst foreign-language students admit that English is not an easy language to learn, they never regret taking classes to improve their language skills. If you wish to excel in your job and in the way you communicate, it is essential that you learn to speak English.

Besides taking English courses in Dublin, you can enhance your skill set by going online and seeing how English is used worldwide. The language is spoken throughout the world because of Great Britain’s expansion during the Colonial Age. People of other cultures picked up the language and now use it in such places as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and in sections of India and Africa. It is also spoken in the smaller island nations of the world.

An Adopted Language

English is also the second adopted language in such countries as Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Germany. You can get by with speaking English in these countries. By learning English, you not only will become acquainted with the Anglo culture, but you can also open up your world to learning more about how people live in countries where English is spoken.

If you plan to work in the field of science, then you need to learn English. English terms are commonly used in the scientific field. The language is also regularly used in films, which means that producers do not need to depend on the subtitles like they did in the past.

If you live and work in the U.S., knowing the English language will immediately open doors to you. It does not matter where you originate, speaking English well opens doors. Plus, English speakers living in the U.S. earn more than people who cannot speak English well. Simply put, knowing English can increase your standard of living. Taking the steps to learn English in Dublin is a good start for anyone who wishes to increase their academic or job standing.

Attending an English School Is Educational and Fun

When living and working in beautiful Dublin, many people from all areas of the world find that their English skills are sometimes too basic to enjoy truly what the area has to offer. After all, how can you engulf yourself in a culture when you don’t completely understand the language? In Dublin, this is not a problem. The area has numerous schools dedicated to helping people learn or improve their English skills.

Schools that offer courses in English are plentiful in the Dublin area. When searching for a school to attend, there are many areas to consider. Ideally, you want to attend one with the best services, but also one with competent and patient teachers, small class sizes, and nice accommodations as well.

What Do These Schools Offer?

English schools offer not only courses in basic English but also the ability to take the classes on either a part-time or full-time basis. They also offer courses in classes that are fairly intensive, which usually includes extensive coverage of English reading, writing, speaking, and listening. These courses are specially designed for those wishing to learn everything there is to know about the English language, and it’s for those individuals who will be living and working in an area where English is the dominant spoken language.

As a general rule, if you attend any one of Dublin’s finest English schools, they will offer a variety of classes scheduled at different times and on different days so that the classes will accommodate almost anyone’s schedule. Classes are usually available in either the morning or afternoon, three, four, or six hours per day, and from fifteen to thirty hours per week. Regardless of your schedule, you should be able to find an English class that is convenient for you.

Another advantage of this type of school is the class size. Most of them have a maximum class size, usually fifteen students, although the average class size is approximately twelve. Smaller class sizes enable students to feel comfortable asking questions, something that is important when you want to completely immerse yourself in learning the English language. Also, most schools have a minimum age to enrol, which is normally sixteen years, which enables the class to be a mostly adult class.

Of course, one of the first things you’ll want to do is make sure the school is accredited properly. Schools teaching English courses should be accredited through the national organization, ACELS, which accredits English language schools throughout Ireland. ACELS monitors all of these schools regularly to make sure they only offer high-quality resources, teaching, administration, and premises.

How Do the Classes Work?

English classes at area schools are scheduled to fit almost anyone’s work and life schedule. Most schools offer classes in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings and will last anywhere from one week to twelve weeks. Classes are usually scheduled sometime during the week—Monday through Friday—to enable students to have their weekends free.

The cost of the courses is very reasonable as well. Classes will vary depending on the specific goals of the class, but most start at around €60 to €100 for a one-week class. Longer classes will, of course, be higher in price.

Because of the importance of the classes, and the fact that only certified teachers are used, many English schools also have strict rules regarding attendance, punctuality, and behaviour. If any of these policies needs to be explored further, most schools have websites that will explain them in complete detail.

As with many other types of schools, there is usually an admissions requirement for entry into the programme. This normally encompasses some placement exam, which can usually be taken online. Often, these exams are free, but many require a fee. This is one area you’ll want to explore before enrolling in any English school. Each school’s admission requirements will vary, so it is best to check with the school you’re planning to attend for more details regarding admission.

What to Look for in an English School

Since most English schools have official websites, this is the perfect place to start when deciding on a school to attend. These websites will give you complete information on attending their school, including class schedules, prices, admission requirements, etc. Visiting these sites is an excellent way to make side-by-side comparisons of all the schools you are considering attending.

One area of importance to English students is accommodations. Where will you stay while taking these classes? Many students come from out of town to attend the classes, and most schools will have accommodations for both short-term and long-term students. These options include:

  • Host families or homestays. This is an excellent way to learn about the Irish lifestyle and usually starts at around €165 per week.
  • City apartments. These include one- and two-bedroom facilities, most of which are located a very short distance from the schools they service, and most start at around €185 per week.
  • Residential, university-style accommodations. These rentals usually include shared cooking, and socialising facilities and prices begin at around €210 per week.
  • Hostel accommodations. This type of living situation normally fits almost anyone’s budget, and costs start at around €125 per week.

Again, looking at a school’s website offers a plethora of information on classes, accommodations, prices, accreditation, and much, much more. Schools often have a presence on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, a way to apply to the school online, a way to chat live with a school representative regarding any questions you may have, and some schools offer discounts for the classes.

Also, schools’ websites usually include details regarding student activities, such as football, visits to area attractions, pub crawls, movie nights, assistance in opening a bank account, acquiring a national insurance card and more. Some websites offer assistance with getting a job in the area. Essentially, English schools not only help you learn English, but they also help with all areas associated with living and working in the Dublin area. By the time you are finished with your classes, you will be one step closer to becoming a true Irishman or Irish woman!

Finding the Best Science Workshop For Your Child

When trying to find the best science workshop for your child, there are many factors to consider.  Given the importance of the foundational skills developed by very young children, these factors should be considered thoughtfully.  One of the most important things any parent can do is research.  Visit the programs and talk to other parents.  If your child is in school, obtain recommendations from his or her science teacher.  Once you have a list of potential programs, below are some important things to consider when making your visits.

Does the program offer age appropriate activities?

Children at different developmental stages have different levels of comprehension, ability and interest.  Does the program offer activities that are appropriate for your child’s stage of development?  For very young children, they best learn through play.  Use of a water table, sandbox, or musical instruments is very beneficial for them.  They are naturally curious at this age and need the opportunity to explore that curiosity.  Hands on activities are best and give children the chance to experiment and see how their actions affect their environment.

What kind of training have the teachers been provided?

While it is not necessary to have university training to provide excellent science education opportunities for young children, some type of training is necessary.  Teachers need to be taught not only how to work any equipment that may be involved, they also need to know how to engage the children in the activities.  Also, their ability to ask open ended questions that give children the chance to make predictions and then to test theories based on those predictions is also critical.  It also takes some training in general child development to recognize when a child is being asked to do something beyond their developmental stage.  Recognizing those signs of frustration and adapting activities appropriately can prevent a child from becoming overly frustrated and giving up all together.  It is also important to find out if teachers have been given training specific to the materials they are using.  If they are strictly trying to read the information out of a book or lesson plan or make it up as they go along, this will probably not be the best program for your child.

What kind of equipment and materials are provided and are there enough for all of the children in the program?

Examine all the provided materials and equipment carefully.  Make sure it is of high quality, child proof, that there are no broken or missing pieces.  Insure there are enough materials for the number of children.  Sharing will be necessary for most equipment but there should be plenty of goggles, lab coats, and safety equipment for each child.  A good, quality program will make the investment in their equipment and supplies.  It is difficult for even the best teacher to teach without necessary supplies.

The most important factor is your child.  This should be a fun experience.  If they are not having fun, it may be time to look for a new program.

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Scabies in and around eyes and on the face I called an optomologist’s office before asking if they could see microscopic things in and around the eyes and they said no but i didn’t get to talk to the specialist.I know the va in spokane has an eye doctor but i don’t think they have an optomologist, might have to go to the seattle va or just pay out of pocket to see one on the economy.Trying to get ahold of the va in spokane now to ask them if they have an optomologist. I called an optomologist’s office before asking if they could see microscopic things in and around the eyes and they said no but i didn’t get to talk to the specialist.I know the va in spokane has an eye doctor but i don’t think they have an optomologist, might have to go to the seattle va or just pay out of pocket to see one on the economy.Specially the va out in seattle.I know the va in spokane has an eye doctor but i don’t think they have an optomologist, might have to go to the seattle va or just pay out of pocket to see one on the economy.It can cause blindness it it gets in my eye. (I got it in my eye once it only burned. )It will soak into your skin and kill them, you might have to do it every 7 10 days Instant relief, usually i get 1 week to 30 days of freedom after 3 applications 1 per day for 3 daysps it dosent burn at all on the skin, rinse well afer 5 minutes. Bottle directions says do not use on large areas of your body This completely removed them christian louboutin wedding shoes uk from my eyelids tear ducts and sourounding areas, God bless you, bill Hi guys.I drove all the way to the gas place today to buy my co2 gas, and got almost all the way there, and noticed i forgot my purse.Lol.Drove all the way home, got my purse, got gas, was getting bit up by mites all during this time, and finally bought my gas.This afternoon, i decided to gas my sneakers.Awww, nice new light weight aluminum tank.Good.Go to gas the shoes in the bag, and wa la, the regulator is busted, gas coming out of the regulator.Do i have to drive christian louboutin mens bags all the way there again tomorrow and spend more money?Mo money?Maybe i can just buy an attachment for the hose and forget about the regulator.Aaaauuuggghhhhh.Mitess! Hi adanaturkey8385, For my eyes:I put a drop of betadine on my christian louboutin womens platforms finger, close my eyes and apply Only to my eyebrow only, let sit 5 minutes with my eyes closed, then rinse well.It can cause blindness it it gets in my eye. (I got it in my eye once it only burned. )It will soak into your skin and kill them, you might have to do it every 7 10 days

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When I decided that I was not going to work outside the house anymore, it was not a decision that I came to lightly. I considered everything that I was going through before I decided to earn money from home program that I had found while searching online for ways to make money. I was traveling nearly 90 minutes round trip for my work, and that was only on days where traffic was not a nightmare. Since I was salary, I also had to give up a lot of my weekends without getting compensated for them.

The worst part was not seeing my children and husband as often as I wanted to. I knew that I was on the losing end of that deal, which is why I decided to start working from home.

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Ray ban rb3016 clubmaster sunglasses g 15xlt lens 49mm This isTheprice(Excluding shipping and handling fees)A seller has provided at whichThesame item, or one that is nearly identical to it, is being Offered for sale or has been Offered for sale inTherecent past.The price may beTheseller’s own price elsewhere or another seller’s price.The”Off” amount and percentage simply signifiesThecalculated difference betweenTheseller provided price forTheitem elsewhere andTheseller’s price on eBay. If you have any questions related toThepricing and/or discount Offered in a particular listing, please contactTheseller for that listing. This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees.This amount is subject to change until you make payment.For additional information, see the global shipping program terms and conditions opens in a new window or tab This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees.This amount is subject to change until you make payment.If you reside in an eu member state besides uk, import vat on this purchase is not recoverable.For additional information, see the global shipping program terms and conditions opens in a new window or tab Any international shipping and import charges are paid in part to pitney bowes inc.Learn more opens in a new window or tab International shipping and import charges paid to pitney bowes inc.Learn more opens in a new window or tab Any international shipping and import charges are paid in part to pitney bowes inc.Learn more opens in a new window or tab International shipping paid to pitney bowes inc.Learn more opens in a new window or tab Any international shipping is paid in part to pitney bowes inc.Learn more opens in a new window or tabby placing a bid, you’re committing to buy this item if you win. By submitting your bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder.You have read and agree to the global shipping program terms and conditions opens in a new window or tab.Import charges previously cheap ray bans outlet quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. By clicking cheap ray bans uk confirm, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder. By clicking confirm, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder and have read and agree to the global shipping program terms and conditions opens in a new window or tab.Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount.

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Spiral review Where the hell was this haven twelve weeks ago?After frittering away the entire season, it unloads enough shocking twists to choke an episode of lost:Finally delivering an unabashedly worthwhile hour just in time to turn out the lights on the year.For once, the director achieves a proper sense of dramatic build up and the that have plagued the little maine town of haven feel like an actual narrative arc instead of a hastily constructed afterthought. It begins with the arrival of a paroled prisoner in town, who possesses the same immunity to pain as nathan(Lucas bryant)And who seems to have a bone to pick with a number of town residents.Audrey(Emily rose)Quickly confronts him, but before he has a chance to spill the beans, he dies in one of those freak earthquakes that seem to arise at the drop of a hat.He leaves a number of unanswered questions behind him most notably nathan real parentage, but also what exactly happened to the colorado kid and how much the good people of haven have been keeping from audrey. Audrey herself has a great big question of her own:Whether she actually that woman in the old photograph or not.Has she traveled through time?Does she never age?Why doesn she remember any of it?Doesn deign to provide an answer, but it establishes the mystery in such an intriguing way that our lack of facts becomes enticing rather than frustrating.Director fred gerber saves the big punchline for the final scene something to keep us on the edge of our seats until the series returns next summer. (And return it shall;Syfy confirmed a second season several days ago. ) That automatically sets head and shoulders above anything that came before it.Every episode until now seemed to treat the idea of narrative build up like an amusing prank.Here, we actually experience a sense of progression:One scene moving to the next in a logical fashion, with a growing intensity which gerber releases at appropriate points to further facilitate our sense of excitement.It a pretty basic storytelling trope and yet haven needed to wait until the very end of the line to finally get it right. In addition, gerber proves adept at ralph lauren donna senza maniche polo keeping more than one plot thread in the air at once.On top of nathan and audrey issues, we return to the question of duke(Eric balfour)And the tattooed man who may eventually kill him.This paroled prisoner possesses such a tattoo, but whether he the man or just a man has yet to be seen.Gerber spices that pot nicely with the addition of the new town coroner(Michelle monteith), who had previously served as a useless appendix of a character.Here, she suddenly joins the party and more importantly, she does so in a way that enhances the intrigue rather than flailing around wildly trying to convince us that she belongs. None of it will replace lost, of course, or even come within sniffing distance of it.But with the show skidding from one near disaster to another for the bulk of the season, the storytelling acumen here comes as a most welcome surprise.Haven always held a trump card with its female lead, and seeing rose sink her teeth into worthwhile material justifies the long wait.For the first time, she doesn seem to be operating in a vacuum;There an actual show behind her instead of a few vaguely formed concepts.It all should have happened a lot sooner than now, but better late than never.If ralph lauren bambini on line can save the first season, it at least fills us with hope for the second:A season which, i surprised to say, i may actually be interested in seeing.So comparing every tv show to this show or that show when there is no connection whatsoever is pointless.Especially in a review. Wish i could delete the spam myself. Daforce, i’m really glad i ralph lauren online shop stuck with the show after the finale.I’ve been watching it based on the strength of the characters, but that episode just pulled it all together.Maybe rob’s right, and it was the director who made it happen. And i agree about lost.I did enjoy it until the end, because i felt i was watching a genre show, with genre mysteries which had genre explanations.They tossed out a pile of genre lincoln logs and never bothered to construct them into anything cohesive.And showing what happens to characters in”Heaven”Or wherever is not legitimate series wrap up.Lost is not the compass point genre shows should be following.

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Snow savoring his polo ride He learned the tools of his trade as a youngster in ipswich. First, there was foot mallet polo and then bicycle polo, each at myopia in hamilton, and each helping with his swing, timing, and coordination.Then he transitioned to junior polo, where he lost his fear of horses and threw caution to the wind at the speed in which the sport was played. Now, at 26, nick snow(Right)Plays against the best polo players in the world, in tournaments across the country, as well as in canada, england, the dominican republic, and argentina. Next month, he will represent the united states at the federation of international polo world championships in san luis, argentina, considered the polo mecca of the world. The field will feature teams from mexico, chile, brazil, australia, india, and pakistan, while entrants from italy, england, germany, france, and spain are playing for the remaining spots.Chile ralph lauren bambini on line is the defending world champion. The usa in an experience i have never had before, so this is certainly exciting for me, said snow, who attended shore country day in beverly.Later, he was a three sport athlete(Soccer, hockey, and lacrosse)At st. Aren as many high rated american players as in the past, so this is an opportunity for this team to put us polo back on the international map.The us didn even qualify for the last [2008] world championships. For the world championship in the biggest polo playing country in the world is a once in a lifetime experience.It kind of like the olympics being in canada for hockey.How sweet it would be to beat argentina in argentina. From the 32, the association chose a half dozen, including snow, to play in the fip zone a qualifier last may in the dominican republic.Team usa beat guatemala, 12 7, and canada, 9 7,(With snow netting five goals)To secure its place in the world championships. We were picking the team, we were looking for someone who could play offense, someone who could play defense, and someone who could be a playmaker, said us coach charles muldoon.Impressed me on each of those levels.He was one of my top three picks to the team.He an up and coming player, and we wanted to give him a chance not only to display his talents in the united states, but on a world level as well. His father, crocker snow jr., played professionally and coaches the men team at Harvard;His stepmother, cissie jones snow, coaches the harvard women team;And two of his four half brothers adam and andrew play at the professional level. Snow has performed admirably in recent tournaments. He also played on teams that reached the final in the 16 goal live oak challenge in port mayaca, fla., and the 12 goal USPA Chairman Cup at Myopia. Despite the stiff competition team usa will face in argentiana, us polo association executive director peter ralph lauren donna hoodies rizzo is hopeful. Were thrilled with the team performance in the fip zone a playoffs.And we know they have a chance to do something very special in this year world championships, he said. Strong competition, big wins, and the impressive development of our young players, 2011 has proved to be a game changing year for the growth and progression of the sport.She will work primarily with the catchers.Melillo was an all northeast 10 conference at merrimack when she played from 2007 through this year, after an all scholastic career at north andover.Post.Bentley junior matt michel of danvers shot 72 74 146 for a runner up finish at the ne 10 conference intercollegiate golf tournament at timberlin country club in berlin, conn.Name the conference golfer of the week, michel was a stroke behind paul tighe of wilmington(Del. )College, who blistered the course with a first round 68 before ballooning to 77.Junior kenny vassallo of wilmington teamed with chris moskal of springfield to win at no.2 doubles and help St.Michael open its 2011 season with a 6 3 win over endicott.Merrimack set school records for points in a quarter(42), in a half(56), and in a game with a 63 7 drubbing of Pace.Quarterback james suozzo of everett was a perfect 7 of 7 for 159 yards and two touchdowns and also rushed for a pair on runs of 11 and 15 yards to ignite the offense.Merrimack, 2 1(1 0 NE 10), was idle yesterday.

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Racy gq photo spread gives you all the ‘glee’ you could expect to see Fox, its high school musical”Glee,”Self appointed tv watchdog group the parents television council and gq each hit the publicity mother lode wednesday when the photos somehow leaked(Gq had planned to release them later in the week, in what we’re sure would have been an unquestionably dignified fashion)And ptc leapt to action. The photo gallery destined for gq’s november issue(On newsstands oct.26! )Shows”Glee”Cast members lea michele and dianna agron prancing about what gq tells us is hollywood high school in their undies and a few scraps of clothing they’re having one heck of a time keeping on.See them cling to shreds of clothes while straddling benches in the locker room, straddling”Glee”Hunk cory monteith, licking lollipops in ways mommy didn’t teach them, while checking out books in the school library.Whatever happened to hall monitors? “How the hell did a show about high school theater geeks come to be the biggest tv show in america? “Gq faux wonders in the intro to the photo shoot and, we’re sure, decidedly less revealing interview with the three cast members. (In the interest of accuracy,”Glee”Is not the biggest tv show in america.Abc’s monday”Dancing with the stars”Performance show is the biggest show in america.We’re sure gq will want to correct that. ) For its part, parents television council got untold amounts of free publicity on wednesday from the reporters trolling for hot tv stories with great art elements to slap on their blogs, when the professional tsk tskers e mailed their outrage toward the show’s producers for having agreed to the”Hyper sexualized gq photo shoot. ” Among ptc’s complaints, it says the christian louboutin outlet photo shoot”Borders on pedophilia. ” “Many children who flocked to ‘high school musical’ have grown into ‘glee’ fans,”Ptc president tim winter bemoaned in his organization’s missive. “They are now being treated to seductive, in your face poses of the underwear clad female characters posing in front of school lockers, one of them opting for a full frontal crotch shot.And it isn’t good for families. ” Over at gq, editor in chief jim nelson took a break from dancing the happy dance on wednesday to issue a statement of christian louboutin pumps his own: “The parents television council must not be watching much tv these days and should learn to divide reality from fantasy.As often happens in hollywood, these ‘kids’ are in their twenties.Cory monteith is almost 30!I think they’re old enough to do what they want. ” I ask you:Do we need yet another illustration as to why no good can come of having thespians who are staring at”3 0″Playing teens on tv shows? “Glee”Is on something of a tear this season, averaging more than 13 million viewers;During the same weeks last year, it averaged only 8.7 million viewers.And yet, fox primly declined to comment about the sexy christian louboutin womens ankle boots gq”Glee”Shoot and story.Ditto”Glee”Exec producers.Sigh.

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Sasha obama boards air force one in pink nike dunks Not only are sasha obama’s hot pink on pink nike dunks incredibly louboutin sale cute you have to love the fact she’s rocking them as she’s about to board air force one leaving chicago o’hare international airport. Air force one sneakers are like the grandparents to nike dunk.What other kid could say they wear air force ones on air force one?Cool. Sasha paired the sneaks with burgundy skinny leggings that’s hot.I knew that sasha christian louboutin womens peep toe pumps was going be a fashion pistol.It was only a matter of time before the 11 year old came into her own.We will be watching. I tmm a libra so i tmm all about pretty things.We of the scales sign know what we like, and our standards are high. So i can tmt help but love fashion”One day i will get that diane von furstenberg wrap and those christian louboutin shoes. And fragrances?My favorite right now is chanel mademoiselle.As for makeup, can we say mac? So let tms thank the greek goddess of beauty, aphrodite, that a true fashionista can find everything she needs right here in philly. I tmve covered fashion here for six years, and i have traveled to new york, los angeles and paris to write about local and national designers.Let me tell you, there is no place where people wear midnight eagles green or phillies red with such wild abandon as they do on the west side of the ben franklin bridge.

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On how christian louboutin womens peep toe booties to maintain and how to clean skateboard sport shoes It is likely for skateboard shoes to become dirty, because the canvas material is widely used.Common dirt can be solved through washing with water.Yellow rusts, however, are tend to appear on shoe uppers where are close to shoe holes after using water to wash.The reason is that the color of metal shoe holes will fade off.It is very simple to solve this matter as well.Before wearing or washing, you can paint transparent nail polish on shoe holes.In this way, the oxidation of metal can be avoided, and your shoes will remain as new as possible as usual. When your shoes are dirty, it will be available for you to brush gently with water and a little detergent, and then rinse with clean water again.After washing, place it under cool and fresh to air dried, but avoid making it be exposed to direct sunlight.Never use heating installation or direct fire to dry it so as to avoid aging, gluing, color fading and severely deforming.Because excessive direct sunlight, the heat of hairdryer and other improper care methods all are likely to reduce the service life of shoes.It will not be right to make a long soak when they are washed and brushed.In general cases, the immersion time shall not be more than twenty minutes. In the first step, you had better wash and brush the shoes to clean supposing that they are going to be stored for a long time.When they are dry, put them in a cool and christian louboutin uk online ventilated place.In this way, there will be sufficient time for them to be dried, so as to avoid mildew.As for real leather shoes, you had better use paper balls or shoes support to prop the inner shoes up, and therefore to avoid serious distortion.In order to make your shoes dry in ventilated place at common temperature, you should make your shoe heads upside down and make your soles to be the opposite direction to the wall. According to different materials, there are various methods.If the outsoles of shoes and shoe sides are made of non nylon materials, and then you can spray a little collar net.After ten or so seconds, you can carry a soft toothbrush to wash and brush gently.But the brush time should not be too long.For the sake of washing away the bubble, warm water or cold water ought to be applied after you wash brush it.In this way, the erosion time that chemicals maybe put to your shoes can be tried to be reduced. After cleaning it, you should immediately use a dry rag to wipe cleanly the residual water.If you wash shoes with visible shoe pads, what you ought you to do at first when the above procedures are completed is to cleanly wipe the water that surrounds shoe pads.If possible, you can use toothpicks to remove the stones that are remained in lines of soles in the process of walking.The reason is that lines of outsoles will appear deformation if outsoles’ lines are mingled with unusual substances for a long time.To some extent, it will affect the braking performance of shoes.As for cleaning methods, it will depend on the main materials of shoe uppers.

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Short sleeve polo shirts olo ralph lauren donna prezzo for women Looking for your next favorite women’s polo shirt?Check out this polo guide and find the perfect addition to your classic wardrobe.Short sleeve polo for women are versatile pieces of clothing that provide a simple, yet classic cut and style that is universally known and loved. The first”Polo”Or”Tennis shirt”Was created by ren lacoste, the founder of the very famous lacoste clothing brand.He felt that traditional tennis attire in the 1920’s was much too restricting, uncomfortable and prohibitive of a good tennis ralph lauren donna senza maniche polo match.His first creation, what we now know as a polo shirt, is pretty much the same as it is today a short sleeved t shirt, made of comfortable cotton, a flat collar and a buttoned placket. While traditional styles of polos have a buttoned placket(Just as mr.Lacoste originally designed), you can also find styles that are even more casual without buttons.I prefer polos traditional with buttons, but i am seeing more and more untraditional styles that are being designed that are”Button free”. The traditional short sleeve polo was also adapted ralph Lauren for cooler, new england weather.Long sleeve polos, are perfect for chilly days out on the golf course or on the tennis court. While polo shirts were originally designed as golf or tennis shirts, they have become a classic fashion staple and work phenomenally in a”Smart casual”Wardrobe.I am always searching for new polo shirt designs and have many in all sorts of different colors and stripes.They look great paired with khakis, capris, shorts or even dark wash jeans.Not to mention, you can also use short sleeve shirts as they were originally attended playing tennis or golfing.Below you’ll find some women’s polo shirt ideas! Polos are uni sex clothing, however that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a short sleeve polo that has a more feminine, flattering fit.Some brands that you’ll want to look into are ralph lauren’s”Skinny polos”Or tommy hilfigers ‘slim fit’ polos. While white and black polos are classic, opt for feminine colors such as pinks and purples.You’ll be well on your way to finding a fun, vibrant and flirty polo for your wardrobe.

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Huge shades draw looks We could consider them the health product of the ’90s.After all, as the ozone layer depletes further, we should get the best protection possible against the sun’s rays.But let’s not get too carried away here.Forced to admit it, most of us would confess that we buy sunglasses to glamorize our images. And what better way to do it than with the newest, hottest styles:Oversized jackie o.Shades reminiscent of the mid 1960s, with frames done in bold, colorful graphics.These specs can have plain black lenses.But the best and most with it versions are colorfully tinted and so opaque no one can see your baby blues or browns behind them. If you want to look rich and have the money to do so there are big, opulent, jewel studded jackie o.Frames from eyewear designers such as ellen tracy, laura biagiotti and judith jack.Some of these glasses cover nearly your entire face in real tortoise shell;Others are a bit smaller in colorful heavy duty plastic frames trimmed with a bit of marcasite crystal or antique estate jewelry.Fashion designers mary mcfadden, donna karan and chanel featured the new jackie o.Styles in their runway fashion shows for spring. “We’re seeing a massive return to the jackie o.Style big round sunglasses, and whenever there’s a trend like that, it becomes more interesting and sales of sunglasses go up,”Says cheryl hall, regional fashion director for saks fifth avenue. “For so long,”She explains,”The wayfayer and ray ban glasses were popular, and they didn’t change that much.The jackie o.Styles,”Ms.Hall adds,”Are huge and give you a brand new look. ” Beyond jackie o.Are many other styles popular this season: Mask type goggles for the sports minded that wrap around the face aviator style and wouldn’t come off even if you went bungee jumping with arnold schwarzenegger. Skinny cat’s eye styles in mock graphite with orange lenses that look best with motorcycle jackets. Retro look john lennon ish or industrial looking, screw and bolt wire rims, with the best featuring sturdy spring loaded arms to prevent breakage. Angular, cheekbone ray ban aviators sunglasses enhancing, gold trimmed traveler type styles that conjure images of tom cruise in”Rain man”And susan sarandon in”Thelma louise. ” Of course, some people are opting for more than one style to suit their many moods and looks. Prices for this year’s crop of sunglasses range from $5 for a pair of vintage cat’s eye sunglasses to $130 for donna karan’s jackie o.Styles and $289 for tweedy and round giorgio armani shades.

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Atlanta fashion news christian louboutin mens boots Raise awareness for autism with limn verde’s puzzle piece pendants.Atlanta based online jewelry boutique limn verde not only designed celebratory pendant for the 75th christian louboutin mens shoes annual atlanta dogwood festival, they also designed an amazing puzzle piece pendant in honor of national autism awareness month benefitting the madison house foundation.[Haute Living] Karl lagerfeld makes football look good.That would be soccer to all of us in the usa.Karl lagerfeld snapped alou diarra, the french football captain, in nike’s newest and most fashion forward jersey.[Gamine] Fashion’s night out set for september.September may be a ways away however, it was just announced that fashion’s night out is back again, and better than ever with the addition of e commerce sites to the list of participants, on september 8.[Fashionista] Say it ain’t so, christian louboutin sues yves st laurent.Looks like a case of red sole entitlement.Christian louboutin served ysl with a christian louboutin outlet uk lawsuit over a pair of all red, including the soles, tribute pumps.They also made purple shoes with purple soles, navy shoes with navy soles and their snozberries taste like real snozberries![The Cut Blog].

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Bangkok traveller reviews I do not understand why people keep comparing prices in this shopping mall to prices in their home countries and label this mall as expensive.This is somewhat misleading.On our first day in bangkok we visited this mall and bought a quicksilver t shirt for me and ray ban glasses for my wife.We later visited siam paragon and central world and prices for 2 items above were not approximately, but 100% the same there!So if you want to do some shopping in bangkok(I am talking about authentic merchandise by well known brands not the fake staff they sell in platinum mall or street markets), our experience is that it does not matter to which upscale shopping mall you go.Emporium is neither the newest, nor the largest mall in bangkok.But it has a character.I don’t like shopping malls like siam paragon or central world crowded with people.If you prefer a peaceful shopping atmosphere, emporium is the mall to visit.Like in any other mall each floor is devoted to some theme(Though not very strictly):Shoes and bags(UnderGround floor), cosmetics, perfume, jeweler, optics and the most expensive brands boutiques(Ground floor), ladies’ fashion, men’s fashion, kids’ fashion, electronics and household staff, food court and groceries etc.A significant section of each floor is occupied by the emporium department store, a multi brand merchandiser, ray ban outlet uk with single brand boutiques occupying the remaining area.In the emporium department store(Do not confuse it with the emporium shopping mall, the department store is just a section of the mall.Please see above)All tourists may enjoy a 5% discount on all items that are currently not under other promotion(Usually 15 30%).The management urges you to visit a customer service desk on the 4th floor to get a tourist discount card to be able to enjoy this benefit.The fact is if you bump into some item you want to buy, but you did not get a tourist discount card until that moment, they will provide you with it at the counter, you will just need to feel in a small form and show them your passport(Though we did not have it with us, they still allowed us to get the card).If your purchases in the department store exceed some threshold, they will upgrade you to a 10% discount card.Do not hesitate to ask for a discount anywhere in the mall.However, our experience is that it is impossible to negotiate the price further.You can have clothes made within 24 hrs.

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Artist at peace bringing unique visions to life The road narrows as you climb sonoma mountain road To artist ‘s home.In the rear view mirror, you can see landscapes that might have been painted by yellow lines dance down blackTop on impossible grades.The road is lonely and long and lulls you inTo meditation.Even before you arrive, the magic begins.Best, 55, lives on 120 acres high above petaluma.With his wife, who designed their home, and children, molly and kelly, he has created a sprawling ranch perfectly suited To comfortable living and quiet contemplation.Numerous buildings with corrugated metal roofs are loosely formed inTo a complex.The place has the calm elegance of a.It is here he untangles the complexities of life and reassembles them according To his unique vision.His current exhibit at the in mill valley is a testament To his superhuman work ethic.The show, titled”Paper boxes,”Features 23 window box collages reminiscent of the surrealist and dada traditions.Best has the charm and energy of.He seems To have attained a monklike acceptance of his international reputation as an artist.It’s wit and wisdom that translate inTo his work.Art in the familybest was the second generation in his family To attend the. “I started going To the art institute when i was 6 years old, with my stepfather,”Best said. “I guess if he’d been a fireman, that’s what i would have done. “Best emerged on the local art scene 30 years ago, doing ceramic figures but quickly branching out inTo furniture and inTo cars decorated with found objects.Two of his auTomotive assemblages sit in the di rosa preserve in napa the collection has more than 75 best pieces looking like objects from another dimension.People on Tour at the di rosa preserve often walk around the altered products in wonder.Every inch of the cars’ exteriors and interiors is fesTooned with objects, from broken seashells To aging action figures.Best loves To surprise and be ray ban online store surprised. “I was lecturing at san quentin when an inmate handed me a pair ofbest is also compelled To create. “If i were stripped of everything, i’d still create,”He said. “I’d make art out of dirt.If i was locked in a museum, i’d take the paintings off the wall and make art out of them. “He seems driven To add more matter To the universe.He takes the craft of assemblage so far beyond expectations that one is dazzled by the sheer effort of intricate, multilayered creations.Clearly, this is inspired work driven by a powerful force. “When the work demands that i go farther, then that’s what i do, or else i feel like i’ve betrayed my art,”Best said. “I’ve been known To be excessive, but sometimes you have To risk it.You go so far, and people become uncomfortable, but if you go farther still you get beyond chaos(To)Where things seem natural. “Artist at workbest works in a small studio he calls”The cave. “There he cuts out paper shapes for as long as 18 hours at a time.When asked how long it took him to construct the largest piece,”Triangle factory fire,”In his current show, he thought for a moment. “I worked on it for 15 hours a day for two months,”He said. “I guess that that works out to around 900 hours.Hey, that’s about 20 bucks an hour.That’s good money, right? “Best likes to work in a small space because his focus is so tight.He employs no helpers to create his collages, and he cuts and arranges every piece of paper himself. “I need an environment where i physically become part of the piece,”He said. “Sometimes i’ll work until 5 in the morning.I get real frenzied.I can’t have people helping me, because my ideas come from actually doing the work. “

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Highland park village christian louboutin uk stores Mr.Flippen andMr.Hugh prather jr.Decided that highland park needed a shopping center that could function as a town square, the developers traveled to barcelona and seville, spain as well as to mexico and california, studying the architecture in order to plan a retail center for highland park.They hired american architects marion fresenius fooshee and james b.Cheek to design the center, which opened in 1931.After the death of hugh prather, sr.In 1959, management of the village was taken over by his sons,Johnprather and hugh prather, jr.In 1966, the howard corporation acquired the shopping center.Under its management, little attention was given to proper tenant mix, landscaping deteriorated, overhead wires began to criss cross the property, inappropriate signage appeared, and tenants were permitted to make facade alterations that were not in keeping with the classical architecture of the christian louboutin womens ankle boots village.The distinctive spanish arches were covered up and newer materials that did not blend with the basic stone and stucco began to appear.In 1976, the howard corporation decided to sell the village and enlisted the help of theHenry s.Miller company.Henry s.Miller, jr.Became attracted to the village’s unrealized potential.Mr.Miller had a sentimental attachment to the property because his father had been an associate of the flippen prather realty company from 1917 to 1919 and a close personal friend of both partners, hugh prather and edgar flippen.Henry s. Miller and partners acquired the property in 1976 for $5 million and was developed by theHenry s.Miller company, which later becameHenry s.Miller interests. [1] UnderHenry s.Miller, the sleepy shopping center quickly turned into a luxury shopping destination that became known for harboring the most premiere designer shops in north texas.Lesser known, local stores were replaced with ralph lauren and the state’s first chanel.On february 16, 2000, the shopping center was recognized as a national historic landmark and the center was placed on the national register of historic places on november 17, 1997.[5]In 2009, Highland Park Village was purchased by Stephen Summers, Elisa Summers, Heather Washburne, and Ray Washburne for a record $170 million, the highest total price for a retail property of that year.[6] While retail in other parts of the country was hit hard by the recession, Highland Park Village managed to stay strong with the opening of Vince, a contemporary sportswear label and Leggiadro, a Manhattan based luxury Italian store.The new owners replaced the former banana republic space with texas’ only christian louboutin and diane von furstenberg.Currently the village commands about $125 per square foot;Placing it among the priciest retail locales in the state, although inexpensive relative to luxury retail areas in larger markets new york city, los angeles, and chicago.[8] Located near the wealthiest neighborhoods in the region, with Texas’ first country club right next door, sales in Highland Park Village range from $1, 000 per square foot to more than $1, 500 annually.[9]The center boasts several exclusive, luxury stores in the Dallas market, including:Akris, alexander mcqueen, balenciaga, brunello cucinelli, carolina herrera, christian dior, christian louboutin, diane von frstenberg, escada, giuseppe zanotti harry winston, james perse, leggiadro, loro piana, madison, rag bone, roberta roller rabbit, scoop nyc, stella mccartney, tom ford, trina turk, vince, anne fontaine, chanel, hermes, jimmy choo, lela rose, saint laurent paris, and st.John(Clothing).The village also has a handful of dining options ranging from cafes and bistros to cheese and spirit shops.The village theater, texas’ first luxury theater, is also found at highland park village.When it first opened in 1935 its construction cost more than $100, 000, which is over $1, 700, 000 inflation adjusted[10] and at the time was considered an astronomical amount.In 1979, the theater was renovated, with the balcony being converted into an additional screen.It was purchased by amc theatres in 1987, and the entire art deco interior was demolished, converting it into 11, 000 square feet(1, 000 of retail space, and two brand new theater screens upstairs.It was once again renovated in 2010.[11]

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27 Things ralph lauren outlet Only San Francisco Giants Fans Understand Whether it’s the work of”Even year magic”Or just more proof that they’re creating the”Strangest dynasty in mlb history,”San francisco’s beloved giants are heading back to the world series for the third time in five years.The scrappy team’s run to the national league pennant in 2014 included more bizarre wins and plenty of that familiar”Torture”That fans have come to expect in october. Whether it’s the panda gear or the affinity for solving scooter mysteries, san francisco’s baseball fans have created an identity and tradition all their own.Here are 27 things you’ll only understand if you’re one of them. Group portrait of national league’s chicago cubs baseball team players, world champions 1908, posing for a photograph on the field at west side grounds, chicago, illinois, 1908.Heinie zimmerman, john kling, johnny evers and frank schulte are included in this image.The coach is standing in the middle of the back row of players.A section of spectators sitting in the grandstands are visible in the background.From the chicago daily news collection. (Photo by chicago history museum/getty images) In this oct.1924 photo provided by the Library of Congress, Washington Senators’ Stanley Harris, at right in the grandstand, presents President Calvin Coolidge with the baseball used to open the 1924 World Series in Washington.Like this year’s washington nationals, the 1924 world series champion washington senators generated excitement in a city starved for a baseball winner.The nats will begin their quest for the city’s second championship when the playoffs begin this weekend. (Ap photo/library of congress) The st.Louis cardinals, winners of the national league pennant, pose at the polo grounds in new york city on sept.25, 1926.The cardinals lost 12 2 against the new york giants and are 89 for 64.The cardinals went on to win the 1926 world series championship against the new york yankees.Seated in front row from left ralph lauren donna pantaloni are, billy southworth;Tommy thevenow;Vic keen;Hick;Bob o’farrell;Grover alexander.Seated in middle row from left are, jim bottomley;Lester bell;Jesse haines;Williams;Rogers hornsby, manager;Bill killifer;Ray blades;Bill sherdell and taylor douthit.Standing in back row from left are, allen sothoron;Jake flowers;Hi bell;Roscoe holm;Chick hafey;Alan reinhart;Warwick toporcer;Bill hallahan;Ed clough and flint rhem. (Ap photo) This scene was photographed on 1939 at the new york yankees’ dressing room in cincinnati ohio, after the players gained the world’s baseball championship, defeating cincinnati reds in the fourth straight game of the world series for the fourth series victory for the team in four years.Art fletcher, yankee coach(On the trunk), is leading the ralph lauren uomo outlet players in song.Recognizable in left foreground is babe dahlgren, the yankee first baseman, in the center of the picture is buddy rosar, catcher. (Ap photo) New york yankees manager casey stengel shows little reaction to his first world series championship as a manager, standing in the dugout with his hands on his hips after his yankees defeated the brooklyn dodgers in game 5 of the fall classic, 10 6 at ebbets field, oct.9, 1949.In his first season with the yankees, stengel had deftly managed a team beset with injuries to key players.At far left, stepping onto the dugout roof is associated press photographer john lindsay carrying his speed graphic press camera. (Ap photo) Advance for weekend editions, sept.20 21 FILE In this Oct.7, 1950 file photo, New York Yankees catcher Yogi Berra tags the sliding Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Granny Hamner for an out at home plate and second half of double play in the fourth inning in the fourth and final World Series game at Yankee Stadium in New York, as umpire Charley Berry looks on.Now, 85 years after it was opened, yankee stadium is about to close. “I’m going to miss it all,”Yogi berra said wistfully. (Ap photo/file) File in this oct.13, 1960 file photo, baseball fans rush onto the field toward Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman Bill Mazeroski as he comes home on his ninth inning home run to win the World Series in Pittsburgh, Pa.On wednesday oct.13, baseball celebrates the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest games ever played, the Pirates’ memorable 10 9 victory over Mickey Mantle’s Yankees in Game 7 of a 1960 World Series that was beyond wacky, beyond description and almost beyond belief. (Ap photo/harry harris, file)

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Fashion magazine cover 101 The competition is down to twelve designers.Tim gunn takes them to the hearst towers which is spanking brand new and is the headquarters for all of the hearst publications including marie claire the one that nina garcia works for”The one that grabbed her and the judgeship on pr from elle magazine.While there, the designers meet joanna coles who is the british sounding editor of marie claire and the boss of nina(Although it is really hard to imagine garcia as having a boss).She tells the group that they are going to be designing a cover for the april issue of the magazine with none other than heidi klum wearing their creation.They are told that outfits that make the cover need to be something that is eye catching because the average fashion magazine buyer will spend an estimated three seconds new michael kors bags deciding on which mag they are going to buy.The rules are as follows:1, they dont like to feature anyone wearing black on the cover because they want color to catch the eye.2, Prints dont work well because they tend to clash with the article headlines used on the cover.3, The top of the outfit should be perfection and that the designer needs to be aware of where the magazine will crop a picture. Because the prize was such a big deal, there will be no immunity for the winner. Amy sarabi was the only designer to do a print and she even bragged a little about it in her producer lead interview.She thought the judges would acknowledge her daring since she was told not to do a print.The truth is that a designer trying to make a name for themselves should know better than to break a before stated rule.When you are on top of your game you can break the rules, but until then follow them.With that said, i liked her dress but she was never in contention for the win.She also had immunity from winning last weeks challenge. Ben chmura designed a dress that made it to the top three, because of its eye popping bold color combination.Although i can see why the judges liked it, but for my taste it was a bit too too.The way the designs were arranged werent appealing to me as well as the general shape of the dress.Further, i really didnt like how he had his model wear dark makeup and frizzy hair”Even the belt appeared to be too high wasted.Generally, if i saw someone walking down the street in this getup i would mumble the words of michael kors what was she thinking?Emilo sosa is on many lists as someone to watch out for as a finalist, which btw, the project runway bryant park show was last week.His dress seemed to embrace the goddess image that one may have of heidi klum, particularly when thinking about her career as a runway model for victorias secret.I liked the dress but wasnt bowled over by it.To his credit, when the judges wanted to see what the dress would look like without the straps, sosa broke out some scissors that he kept handy and chopped those dress babies right off.I dont know if that necessarily improved the look, but kudos to him for being fearless when it comes to a creation of his. To be honest, i dont know what janeane ceccanti was thinking with her bridal inspired mess of a dress.In the last few challenges janeane has impressed me with some of her clothing.What further impresses me is that i had her picked as a designer that would be gone within the first few weeks because she was already crying during the first challenge.I want to write something glib like there is no crying on project runway, but most fans know that there is plenty of tears on pr otherwise it wouldnt really be about fashion if there werent any designers who were mean girls.There were elements of this dress that i liked, although the color is all wrong for a cover shot.I didnt understand why part of the hem of the dress went up in the front.Was that intentional or sloppy work?What was the deal with the elephant fairy shoulder straps?One thing i did appreciate about janeane was that she had it pegged correctly back at the designers apartments, both anna and she were in trouble. Like janeane, i dont know what michael kors shoulder bags grayson jay sario was thinking with his dress as well.Listen kittens, if the wind is blowing just right i think that dress could really lift off”Much like sally field when she wears a nun habit.Judging by his sketch, it looks like he ran out of time before he could complete the dress.Although the design isnt really that hideous, the material which he used to make the dress just doesnt go well.Not only does it not have a color suitable for a magazine cover, it looks the type of cloth that is perfect for living room curtains.I also didnt like the deconstructed strap that resembled a dying overdone dance corsage.On closer inspection, even the bodice looks off on this dress.I think it is best to leave this look now. What was jonathan peters smoking when he came up with his outfit?Seriously, what were some of the designers smoking?Under no circumstances, except for some porn magazine, would this ensemble be considered cover worthy.If the task was to design lingerie than i think it would have been brilliant, but this was a top with no bottoms.Yes, i know for a cover that you dont necessarily have to have bottoms, but it would be nice to know that if one wanted pants they would be there for them. Maya luzs design didnt strike me as a total stink a roo when her model was marching down the runway, but damn, on closer inspection she might have been the one who should have gone.The construction of this dress is horrible.Seriously, it looks like it is about to fall apart where the different materials she used”It is the bermuda michael kors outlet sale triangle of bad sewing.I dont even know how to sew, but i think i could have done a better job.Check out that collar!There is so much wrong with this dress that i think maya has fallen several steps down from my estimation of designer talent.

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Fashion in new york Designer michael kors and actress debra messing walk the red carpet as part of a special event called”Fashion’s night out”During fashion week in new york, thursday, sept.10, 2009. Model cindy crawford poses for pictures with an unidentified fan as part of a special event called”Fashion’s night out”During fashion week in new york, thursday, sept.10, 2009.Spring 2010 fashion from designer gwen stefani is modeled during fashion week, thursday, sept.10, 2009 in New York. The spring 2010 fashion collection from ports 1961 is modeled during fashion week in new york, thursday, sept.10, 2009. The michael kors satchels spring 2010 fashion collection from ports 1961 is modeled during fashion week in new york, thursday, sept.10, 2009. The spring 2010 fashion collection from ports 1961 is modeled during fashion week in new york, thursday, sept.10, 2009. Models paulina nienoozik, left, from poland, julija steponaviciute, center, from lituania, michael kors satchels gia and polina sova, right, from norway, wait backstage to dress for the spring 2010 fashion collection from cynthia steffe by designer shaun kearney during fashion week in new york, friday sept.11, 2009. This photo taken sept.12, 2009, shows Spanish fashion designers, from left, Carmen March, Juan Duyos, Ana Locking and Juanjo Oliva during a preview of their collections in New York.They will show their designs during fashion week.

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5 Reasons FX Liquidity Aggregation Is So Challenging From the surface, aggregating liquidity for fx trading looks fairly straightforward.Most venues support fix, and trading protocols for spot fx are not particularly complicated.But look under the surface, and things get more complicated.Here are some of the issues:The fx market is extremely fragmented.There are two primary markets, dozens of ecns and multi dealer platforms, and 10 15 critical single bank platforms.Aggregating liquidity from all these sources can be quite daunting.This year alone, more than 10 new fx trading venues were launched.Some send continuous price streams, some use an rfq model(Request for quote)And some send banded feeds.In most cases, quotes include three pricing tiers.When you send an order, it must indicate the specific price it’s ralph lauren italia shop targeting.Time to live settings vary by venue, and if the quote is expired by the time the order gets to the liquidity provider, they generally will reject the order. Dynamic latency issues The trading infrastructure, connectivity and architecture are critical to successful fx trading.Network latency is rarely static, so you can’t really base a strategy on a median latency figure, because outlier latency could have a serious impact on trading or risk ralph lauren uomo piumini management results.Co location and proximity matter a great deal when trading fx, but there is a huge associated cost.It’s important to do a cost/benefit analysis that considers not only venue location but also client locations when deciding where to place order management and routing systems. Non trivial and non obvious aspects of ralph lauren donna aggregation The non trivial and non obvious aspects of aggregating liquidity directly affect efforts to trade algorithmically.There are opposing points of view to what information should be exposed to a strategy.One side says that the normalization layer of the aggregator should send as much information as possible to the strategy;And the strategy should contain the logic to know what to hit on what band and make the routing decisions.Others say the normalization layer should be smarter, sending a simplified feed to the strategy and making routing decisions after the strategy makes its trading decision. You might also be interested in our upcoming event on tuesday, december 4th.We’ll be discussing hybrid voice and electronic trading.

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5 Options For The Best One Pickup bed liners protect your truck from damage that happens from just normal use.The best liner partly depends on how you use a truck.But it depends on how much you want to spend too and other factors as well.Following are 5 options you can choose from ralph lauren donna pony polo and how they stack up. Spray on coatings for permanent solutions Spray bed liners get put on as a premium solution to stopping bed damage.If you don’t mind high cost, these rank near the top but the price may be a factor.They certainly do come at a high price.But these liners provide a custom fit for any pickup since they simply get sprayed on.Have an odd pickup?Fit is no problem with the spray coating. One key to the success of the liners is simply the thickness of the coating.Put on a thick coat of material and it becomes difficult to scratch through the thickness.That’s key to the protection of the liners.But, after all, spray coatings are still paint. For a permanent liner that’s repairable and tough, a spray liner is a great ralph lauren outlet choice. Plastic liners may work better That’s because the plastic liners are so tough.Thick plastic material used for these is all but impossible to damage.It protects beds from scratches, but the thick liners also cushion impacts and almost completely eliminate dent damage too.Cheaper than spray liners, plus easily changed if it gets beat up or damaged. Watch out though to get a good fit since a plastic liner that shakes and shifts can quickly wear away the paint underneath the liner.Also watch out for pooling water under the liner too. Roll on bed liners ralph lauren donna saldi cost little Get the look of a sprayed on liner for a lot less money by doing it yourself.A roll on bed liner looks much like a professional spray on coating.But it’s not the same though, simply because do it yourself liners are not nearly so thick.Not as tough as the professional version, it may be good enough especially for older pickups that mostly need a sprucing up.

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4 autowhich I understand is wireless They truly know what they are talking about, and they actually care about you.They really helped put my nerves at ease.Thank you so ralph lauren outlet UK much!Los angeles, ca Thank you for all your help. Just let me say that this encounter has been entirely professional and most helpful.I liked that i could ask additional questions and get answered in a very short turn around. Thank you so much for taking your time and knowledge to support my concerns.Not only did you answer my questions, you even took it a step further with replying with more pertinent information i needed to know. Disclaimer:Information in questions, answers, and other Posts on this site(“Posts”)Comes from individual users, not justanswer;Justanswer is not responsible for posts.Posts are for general information, are not intended to substitute for informed professional advice(Medical, legal, veterinary, financial, etc. ), or to establish a professional client relationship.The site and services are provided”As is”With no warranty or representations by justanswer regarding the qualifications of experts.To see what credentials have been Verified by a third party service, please click on the”Verified”Symbol in some experts’ profiles.Justanswer is not intended or designed for emergency questions which should be directed immediately by telephone or in person to qualified professionals.

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Lessons we should all learn from the university of christian louboutin wedding shoes uk vagina If there’s one thing guaranteed to make a class of canadian second graders giggle, it’s asking them the capital of saskatchewan.And apparently, that works on fully grown football fans too. After seattle seahawks’ player jon ryan revealed at super bowl xlix that his alma mater was the university of regina, many viewers thought he had said”University of vagina. ” But after we rolled our eyes, it got us thinking:What exactly would a university of vagina look like?We mean, other than this scene out of”Patch adams”: It seemed like the perfect time to impart a few lessons we’ve learned along the way about the incredible things the vagina can do and just as importantly, how to keep it healthy and happy.Pay attention, class.And if you already know these vagina facts, full marks! You hear a lot of about premature ejaculation the tendency for a man to ejaculate with little sexual stimulation, usually just after sex begins(Or even prior to getting started).Doctors estimate that about 20 to 30 percent of men will prematurely ejaculate at some point in their lives. But it’s not just guys who peak too soon.A recent survey of portuguese women between the ages christian louboutin womens platforms of 18 and 45 found that about 40 percent of participants occasionally orgasm before they intend to and about 3 percent of them do so chronically. While premature orgasm is certainly a problem for some females(And they should feel comfortable speaking about it with their doctors, says study researcher serafim carvalho, md), a much more widespread issue for women is the inability to reach orgasm. If you think you’re doing something wrong because each and every one of your orgasms isn’t scream worthy, think again.But if you feel like your climaxes aren’t up to par, dodson advocates scheduling some”Alone time”To learn about what arouses you, as well as your range of orgasmic responses(Then you can share this information with your partner! ). Shoe designer christian louboutin made quite a splash when he told british newspaper the sunday times that high heels and orgasms have a lot in common. “What is sexual in a high heel is the arch of the foot, because it is exactly the position of a woman’s foot when she orgasms,”He said. “So putting your foot in a heel, you are putting yourself in a possibly orgasmic situation. ” Is that true?We’re not so sure.But christian louboutin shoes sale uk we do know that those oh so sexy stilettos can bring on a whole lot of pain and according to the american academy of orthopaedic surgeons(Aaos), they are more likely to cause bunions. Your sky high electric bill, that big meeting at work, last night’s episode of”The kardashians”Are you constantly thinking about everything but sex when you’re having sex? Join the club research reported in the journal sexologies points out that many women have difficulty reaching orgasm because of their wandering, distracting thoughts mid romp.And oftentimes, those thoughts are negative, according to the study’s 191 participants(Troubling thoughts included sexual dysfunction, body image issues, even sexual abuse). If your mind keeps wandering during sex, you may want to make a conscious effort to keep your mind on the prize. “A few folks can literally ‘think’ off,”Says dodson. (Supposedly, that list includes lady gaga as she once told new york magazine”You know, sense memory is a powerful thing.I can give myself an orgasm just by thinking about it. “) Don’t think you can reach climax by harnessing your dirty thoughts?You can certainly enjoy making an attempt of it, says dodson.And the visualization that could get you there might spice up your sex life, no matter what the outcome.Even if your thoughts alone aren’t orgasmic, thinking about and talking about sex makes for sexier foreplay. A recent revelation about yoga is bringing all new meaning to the phrase”Downward facing dog. “Some yoga fanatics are claiming that, mid yoga session, they have been known to experience a”Yogasm”An orgasm set off without any sort of stimulation or touching involved. Though the concept has been around for a while, more and more yogis have been speaking out it about, bringing yoga induced orgasms a whole lot of attention.Are they real?Absolutely, sexologist jeffre talltrees recently told the daily beast. “When women engage their pc [pubococcygeus] muscles, the tissue around the g spot swells, which can lead to climax. ” Turns out, flat abs aren’t the only thing you can achieve by hitting the gym.According to men’s health, that extra set of crunches may also help women reach mind blowing orgasms. This phenomenon known as the”Coregasm”Sometimes occurs when women perform certain abdominal exercises, such as side crunches and single leg planks.These workouts cause tension in the legs and abdomen, and when combined with dopamine and endorphins released during exercise, experts say this can be all the stimulation that’s needed.In addition, since these movements hit the inner thighs, women with strong abdominal muscles may inadvertently squeeze the pelvic muscles in the process. One motion won’t do the trick, but repeatedly contracting the muscles during ab training might.But fitness experts warn that you should never sacrifice good form in the pursuit of the big o during your workout. For many people, the length of time it takes to reach orgasm varies and depends on a number of different factors, including arousal, stress levels, tiredness, and relationship dynamics. However, researchers have established that, for men,”From penetration to ejaculation, the average time is seven minutes,”Says niederberger. While he certainly has a point(Male ejaculation, which accompanies orgasm, helps improve the chances of the sperm making their way toward the woman’s egg), Indiana University professor Elizabeth Lloyd has been studying the purpose of female climax for some time.Here’s what she found:The female orgasm promotes”Pair bonding,”Which means a couple is more likely to pursue parenting;It’s a part of mate selection(A woman chooses her partner based on his ability to make her climax);And there is some belief that contractions during the female orgasm help draw sperm into the uterus. So go ahead have an orgasm tonight, for science’s sake. What:Vaginal yeast infections are caused by a fungus called candida.How:Yeast infections are more common than you may think.Symptoms include itchy vajayjays and thick, white, clumpy discharge that is similar to cottage cheese.Other symptoms can include pain while urinating or discomfort during sex.Fix it:Oral pills from the drugstore and even homemade remedies like inserting garlic into your vagina, can fight off yeast infections.If your infection is minimal, it may just go away on it’s own.

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5 Signs He’s Cheating cheap polo ralph lauren t shirts on You Read:Is an open relationship just honest cheating? The fact remains that people both married and unmarried fall into infidelity for a long list of reasons, none of which we’re tackling right now.However, we are here to lay out the signs that your guy might be cheating, because studies have also shown that around 70 percent of women have no idea they’re being cheated on. While you don’t need to keep tabs on your guy 24/7, if he always seems to go mia, there’s probably something off.Does he promise he’ll call you right back and you don’t hear from him for two days?Is his phone battery always dead?Does it take him 12 hours to text you back or answer an email?Does he go away with his buddies for the weekend without texting or calling once?If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to start getting suspicious. He takes his phone every single time he leaves a room. For better or worse, we’re all attached to our phones, but if you notice your guy takes his with him every single time he leaves the room even if it’s just to go into the kitchen to get a glass of water, or into the bathroom there’s a good chance your suspicions could be legit. Read:Once a cheater, always cheap ralph lauren a cheater? Most of facebook friends are hot girls. What’s that?They’re all his extended cousins?Snap out of it. He suddenly has to”Work late”Every night. There’s nothing wrong with burning the midnight oil from time to time, but if you notice your man’s suddenly become a bonafide clich saying he has work late all the time on projects he can’t be bothered to explain, or decides to”Just crash at the office because it’s so late”You might want to start doing some investigating. Read:Here’s why women are cheating almost as much as men This one is tricky, because we’re not saying that surprise sweet gestures necessarily translate to cheater.However, if one or more points on this list ring true and your guy suddenly starts bringing you flowers for no reason or buying you expensive gifts out of the blue, he could be feeling guilty about something.

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Fragrances that men like Clean, fresh scents are natural and vibrant.They are perfect for wearing during the day, or for a late night date.Men like clean fragrances as they represent a relaxed and elegant woman.Another reason that clean fragrances are so loved by men is that it makes him think that you just got out of the shower.Some ingredients to look for in clean fragrances are gardenia and orchid.Some options for clean perfumes that will drive men crazy are”J’adore”By christian dior, and dolce and gabbana’s”Light blue”. Light, sparkling floral fragrances are loved by men.They do not like cloying, overpowering floral scents.Floral perfumes exude femininity.Light floral fragrances contain notes such as jasmine, paper whites and gardenia.Marc jacobs”Daisy”And chanel’s”Chance”Both fall into this category.Fresh, breezy floral fragrances are suitable for day and evening wear.Gardenia is a floral scent found in perfumes that men like.One example is”Very hollywood”By michael kors.It has notes of mandarin and bergamot that makes it a glamorous perfume. Throughout history, men have enjoyed perfuming themselves.However, most men prefer fragrances that are less sweet or floral than traditional women perfumes. How to increase libido with essential oils More common in women than men,.Aromatherapy is the art of using fragrances to.Plenty of women all over the. The top ten men perfumes The base note consists of cedar, patchouli, white musk and rock rose.Davidoff cool water.Men cologne is gaining popularity in. What fragrances attract men Perfumes that guys like.Scents that attract men;What perfumes smell like vanilla?List of things guys like in girls;Comments you. The world best michael kors sale australia perfumes for men The best men fragrances that women like.Women like men who smell good.A nice smelling cologne can grab a woman attention. Scents that attract men Scents like aromatherapy are effective at attracting men because, according to dr.Mehmet oz, professor of surgery at columbia university medical center.

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Priyanka chopra flaunts her legs in sexy fringe dress photos Priyanka chopra can’t get any hotter.No, seriously, this woman is a fashion goddess. Just a couple of days after wowing us in two stunning looks at the 2014 iifas, the bollywood veteran pulled out all the stops when she attended the premiere of her music video,”I can’t make you love me”In new york city on monday. Wearing a dazzling tamara mellon turquoise fringe dress with a thigh high slit, the 31 year old followed in the steps of many a hollywood actress before her who dared to flaunt their gams in leg revealing frocks(Ahem, jennifer connelly). The slit also revealed pri’s sexy shoes:Purple satin christian louboutin pumps, which looked as if they would fit right in christian louboutin shoes sale uk on the dance floor. As for her hair and makeup, the”Exotic”Singer sported christian louboutin womens peep toe booties a messy chic updo, a smoky eye and mocha lip. Her stunning ensemble attracted the likes of nick cannon aka.Mr.Mariah carey, who posed citrec christian louboutin beside the actress and looked dashing in a dark pink satin tie, a tweed grey vest and matching trousers.

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It was once said that age is wasted during the young. As i would not trade-in the painful lessons I have learned in daily life because I have benefited good deal from them; however,
burberry outet, I still want to save others from the teachings that life invariably teaches. Here is my attempt at reaching to the longer old guy or girl. I realize that it would fall on deaf ears as it in all probability would have with me at that age.

When it comes down to design choices, one huge difference between my late Mom and me was our choice of metal. Mum always wore gold . i adore magic. My Mom thought that gold was lacking a doubt the superior metal, and consists of it technology on fashion accessories. Perhaps it was her generation, or maybe it was cultural. Either method, Mom typically encouraged her daughter to wear gold jewelry. When I was very little, We used a gold pendant and gold earrings. That altered can be the period of 10 when my preference for silver came to your fore.

The boots in his collection always be exciting and edgy. He remains the louis vuitton creative director even now makes particular make an idea in his well-known Marc Jacobs line. His boots are enjoyable and situations earthy feel to being chic. Meant to create an advanced and new dimension for your style, they always deliver.

Thankfully, prior to arriving in that school,
burberry sito ufficiale, I had two numerous successful teaching experience under my belt. Without that prior, POSITIVE experience, I would FOR SURE have left the profession thinking I believed i was an utter failure. Are usually no words to properly convey that feels in order to pour yourself into something, only to have it routinely, systematically, and heartlessly squashed by other. I felt like I was going up the wall!

Winter activities are simply like beneficial to your own family’s health as summer activities. However, you ought to plan in to the future. Of course, every family member should have a warm, waterproof winter sweatshirt. Make sure all family members (yes, including adults) have properly fitting snow shorts. Gloves, hats, thick socks, and neck warmers are also essential. Avoid scarfs or stylish boots as they will create a safety hazard during activities.

Crocodile -embossed leather style: This style is simply traditional likewise modern. They look classic. The red ones and brown ones become the most also great for women. Contain strong thing is those hangbags are usually small allowing them to not hold heavy factors,
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To keep moths beyond the your precious pashmina, place a few naphthalene balls in the cupboard or perhaps closet. Also ensure how the storage place is freed from dampness or moisture. So, with these caring techniques your pashmina shawls, however enjoy donning it for the time.

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Few fashion faux michael kors online outlet pas on oscar red carpet Katherine heigl, helen mirren, miley cyrus, ruby dee, anne hathaway and heidi klum were among the stars in red gowns sunday night at the kodak theatre in los angeles.Shades of plum were worn by cate blanchett and jessica alba.The other buzzword?Safe. “I thought people looked generally really good and reallySafe, “Hal rubenstein, fashion director at instyle magazine, told the associated press. “I don’t know if it had to do with the mood out there with the strike just over and parties canceled, but in fashion now so much is about sheer, print and color, but this was one solid strapless dress after another. “Rubenstein added: “There was a kind of uniform timelessness, which is very nice, but considering those who watch this show do it to get a fashion cue, i wish they were a little more timely than timeless. “He labeled french actress marion cotillard’s ivory and silver gown by jean paul gaultier with scalloped fabric that looked like fish scales the most distinctive of the night.Jennifer hudson, who caused last year’s biggest fashion flap with a futuristic bolero jacket, was more appropriate this year in a white halter gown.Pregnant actresses blanchett, in a dries van noten halter gown with floral beading on the skirt, and alba, in a strapless marchesa gown with feathers at the bustline, both embraced their revised shapes in empire waist gowns.Nicole kidman, also pregnant, went with a simple black gown by balenciaga and a show stopping necklace 7, 645 diamonds totaling nearly 1, 400 carats by l’wren scott.Feathers were a recent trend on the runway and penelope cruz’s black strapless gown had them too.W magazine fashion market editor treena lombardo reminds at home fashion followers not to take trends from the red carpet too seriously for their own lives. “I don’t think any of the trends the oscars hit are trends the rest of the world needs to know about,”She said.She did notice all that red, though. “Heidi klum was the most beautiful i’ve ever seen her,”Lombardo said. “Amy ryan was the opposite.She was very minimal and very chic an exact 180 from what heidi was doing. “Klum’s full volume gown was by galliano and is being auctioned as part of the heart truth campaign to raise awareness about women and heart disease.Ryan’s one shoulder, midnight blue dress was custom made by francisco costa for calvin klein.One shoulder gowns were also popular, worn by hilary swank in versace, olivia thirlby in vera wang, hathaway in marchesa and heigl in escada.Heigl’s gown had a slim fitting draped bodice, and the front of hathaway’s gown was covered in fabric roses.Tilda swinton, who told e!She had never even seen the oscars on tv, wore an odd one arm gown by alber elbaz for lanvin and no apparent makeup, a look that seemed in character for the british actress.Calista flockhart went for a vintage ice blue goddess gown from rare vintage.Several stars opted for strapless styles, including renee zellweger in a silver lace gown by carolina herrera.The dress had sparkle but was otherwise simple to complement her short hairstyle. “It was a gloomy, cloudy, wet oscars and she looked drop dead gorgeous and radiant,”Said stylist and style commentator mary alice stephenson. “She looked like what michael kors bags australia she was supposed to look like at the oscars, she looked her most glamorous. “Jennifer garner and laura linney also chose strapless gowns and then accessorized them with prominent necklaces.Garner’s black oscar de la renta dress had an almost flamenco style skirt and was accessorized with an art deco era necklace with 61 carats of diamonds from van cleef arpels, while linney’s dark blue gown with a bustle back by michael kors highlighted a gold pendant style necklace with diamond and blue topaz by cathy waterman.Cameron diaz’s strapless christian dior gown was a pale peach color and had pleats on the bustline. “I put it on and felt like i was wearing nothing,”She said.Diablo cody also was in dior an animal print gown with a jeweled halter neck but she didn’t wear the $1 million stuart weitzman shoes that she labeled a”Cheesy publicity stunt. “She opted for gold flats instead.Amy adams was far more pleased with her proenza schouler strapless gown in emerald green, double sided silk. “I’m just over the moon with it,”She said.Adams carried a tiny art nouveau french gold mesh purse by fred leighton. Stephenson lamented that so many celebrities and designers played itSafe. “I had expected people to take more chances.I saw the incredible gowns that were available.I was pretty shocked that a lot more of them weren’t utilized,”She said.Cyrus, for example, looked pretty in her cap sleeve valentino, stephenson said, but it was”A bit boring. “However, pati dubroff, the dior makeup artist who worked with the teen star, said she thought cyrus looked like a”Youthful beauty. “Dubroff used minimal makeup, mostly a lip stain, a lot of mascara and a bit of glitter. “To make it special i used glitter like fairy dust.She’s a disney princess come to life. “

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Get instant $ 500 loan that Baton Rouge Louisiana within next business day Get money  $750 dollars faster than bank. You can also apply instant $ 600 loanthatmoney Bakersfield California no checking account .

Sometimes we can all make use of a very little support in financial terms. If you locate oneself having a economic issue, so you don’t know where you can turn, you can obtain a cash advance. A pay day loan can be a quick-expression personal loan that you can obtain swiftly. You will find a little more involved, and those tips will assist you to comprehend additional regarding what these financial loans are about.

If you are out of work or perhaps in the armed forces, you will recognize that you simply will not qualify for most online payday loans. Lenders that do provide you with the services ought to be very carefully researched. You will probably find they are just angling trying to obtain your personal info and use it to take your personal identity.

The best way to opt for your payday loan lender would be to go through distinct evaluations from buyers who, used that exact services well before. You can get personally expertise on how, the knowledge functions. How each person truly feel about distinct loan providers. In that way you make the best choice feasible.

If you believe you might have been undertaken benefit from with a cash advance business, record it quickly in your condition authorities. If you wait, you might be damaging your chances for any type of recompense. At the same time, there are several individuals out there as if you that need actual support. Your confirming of these inadequate companies are able to keep other people from getting very similar conditions.

Whenever you can, attempt to obtain a cash advance coming from a lender in person as opposed to on-line. There are many imagine on the web payday loan creditors who might just be stealing your hard earned dollars or private data. Actual live lenders are far much more reputable and really should provide a less hazardous purchase to suit your needs.

By no means obtain a payday loan from a business who requests to your vehicle or another possessions for equity. Most people are unaware which a legit payday advance never asks for security. For this reason lack of knowledge, people might be out 1000s of dollars. The one thing these businesses should use is your financial institution details and evidence of employment.

The most crucial tip when taking out a pay day loan is to only borrow what you could pay back. Interest levels with online payday loans are insane high, and if you are taking out greater than it is possible to re-pay by the due particular date, you will end up paying out a whole lot in fascination service fees.

Do not sit around and watch for a verify after you have applied for a payday loan. The vast majority of pay day loan organizations will send you your money into the bank checking account inside a day or two by means of electronic digital down payment. After this receives settled, you must quickly resolve your fiscal crisis simply because cash advance conditions are incredibly quick.

Before you take the dive and selecting a pay day loan, take into account other options. The rates for payday cash loans are high and for those who have greater choices, try out them initial. Check if your family members will personal loan the cash, or consider using a conventional loan provider. Pay day loans should certainly become a last option.

Consider loan providers which will roll above the loan automatically. In the event the lender is not going to provide this up, ensure that you request! Every time a bank loan is rolled more than, it means that you are incurred much more service fees, and a lot more interest then you may be prepared for. Do not be hesitant to speak up and ask questions.

To prevent our prime expenses related to pay day loans, analysis you additional options. You could possibly have a advance loan through your boss or even a bank loan from your friend or family member. You need to think about charging crisis expenditures on the lower-fascination bank card or acquiring a loan through your lender or lending institution.

Tend not to use the services of a payday loan company except if you have fatigued all of your additional options. If you do sign up for the loan, be sure you will have funds available to repay the borrowed funds after it is because of, or else you could end up paying out very high interest and service fees.

Fast money with number of strings connected are often very tempting, most particularly if are strapped for cash with charges piling up. Ideally, this information has opened up the eyes towards the diverse aspects of online payday loans, and also you are entirely aware of anything they can do for you and your existing fiscal predicament.