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CDGcommerce Offers Free App

The application gives merchants access to a range of features including fraud and chargeback protection tools, real time reports, quick and easy account changes, trends and graphs.

MerchantPortal system was built in house to give our merchants unique, robust control of their Merchant Account, says CDGcommerce CEO Chris West. proprietary technology saves time and delivers information unlike any other merchant provider product on the market today. application includes improved features to help merchants operate their businesses more efficiently. For instance, the Account Summary feature enables users to view merchant account rates, fees and current approved processing limits. Online statements enables merchants to keep track of monthly transactions, fees and totals. CDGcommerce Real Time Journal provides easy access to view transactions processed on merchant accounts. Merchants can view ACH deposits, withdrawals, batch settlements, transaction details and fee deductions.

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Free SEO Video Tutorials

GSINC Limited, a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consulting business based in the UK today launched a series of online video tutorials all about optimising websites for search engines.

The videos have been created by GSINC director Gareth Davies who has combined years of industry know how with streaming media technology to create a series of videos called ‘SEO Basics’.

Whether they were new clients or site visitors we wanted a clear, compelling media platform and video seemed the best way to do it".

The tutorials stream video presentations to visitors online where it is possible to learn about how to write ‘title tags’ for web pages as well as use Google in new and interesting ways.

Davies also added:"The feedback we have had so far has been fantastic and I am thrilled that these videos are helping people understand what is sometimes seen as a complex area"

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and Incompetence From Around The World

Although the American political class provides daily examples of craziness, greed, and incompetence, they have not cornered the market on such behavior. Recent news accounts prove that the afflictions of our political class exist elsewhere in the world:

A November 1, 2010 Associated Press report reviewed the status of a government housing development in New Delhi, India. The original intent of the Adarsh Housing Society shelter effort was to provide affordable shelter to the wounded Indian war veterans, disabled veterans, and the widows of Indian soldiers killed in battle. Sounds like a wonderful concept.

However, according to the article, the effort turned into a huge scam with housing units being sold far below market price to top politicians, their relatives, and retired Indian military generals. Additionally, rather than a regular, six story apartment building, the original plans were never implemented and in their place, a 31 story luxury high rise was built despite violating zoning and environmental laws. The original apartments were budgeted to be sold for about $130,000 but once the political class got involved, the cost of the units in the luxury apartment building now go for about $1.8 million. The highest ranking local politician offered to resign when it was uncovered that his mother in law and other relatives had apartments in the luxury high rise.

Sound familiar? The politicians vote themselves the perks while the less fortunate of a society suffer.

In England, an article in the Daily Mail that was summarized in the November 29, 2010 issue of The Week magazine, reviewed how the new Prime Minister of England, David Cameron, was getting along. Mr. Cameron has been on a government downsizing and expense reduction mission since taking office, reducing Britain’s military, government payroll, and other government agencies.

The problem is that he has not taken the same tact with regards to the government agencies and expenses that touch his life. According to the article, he has created a new staff of public relations experts solely dedicated to creating a brand campaign that expands and improves his image. He has created a new job title called "head of e media" which pays a salary of $120,000 a year and whose duties are only to write about Cameron on blogs and Twitter. He has a personal photographer whose $56,000 a year job is to take positive pictures of Cameron at work and at play. He has a "special advisor" whose sole duty is to tend to the wardrobe needs of him and his family.

Sound familiar? Everyone needs to sacrifice for the good of the country. except for those that are running the country whose wages and the benefits of their jobs far exceed those of the citizens they should be humbly representing.

According to an article in the London Observer, as summarized in the November 19, 2010 issue of The Week magazine, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi allegedly personally intervened in a police matter in order to get theft charges dropped against a 17 year old belly dancer. The belly dancer claims that the Prime Minister invited her to his personal villa for an "erotic ritual" which involved a cast of naked women. The Prime Minister’s response to the accusations: "It’s better to have a passion for beautiful girls than to be gay." An offensive remark and certainly not a denial.

The article goes on to summarize past tawdry incidents in Berlusconi’s past. These include the promise of jobs for young women in exchange for "their attentions" and the gift of a pricey necklace he gave to an 18 year old woman (Berlusconi is 74 years old.) The article goes on to say that as a result of all of these distractions, the government work and cooperation that needs to take place between Berlusconi and Parliament has brought the Italian government to a virtual standstill.

Sound familiar? Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, Jim MacGreevey, John Ensign, Mark Sanford, Gary Hart, Gary Condit, Larry Craig. Government functions are always negatively affected by political class sexual exploits.

According to a Washington Post article by David Ignatius that was summarized in the December 3, 2010 issue of The Week magazine, the Afghan government and NATO military leaders have been negotiating with a Taliban representative in an effort to find a middle ground for peace talks. Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour has been flown via British military helicopter from the countryside to the capital of Kabul a number of times to hold face to face negotiations with the Afghan president and has been given large sums of money for his trouble. general in Afghanistan hailed the talks and negotiations as a path to reconciliation and peace.

One problem with this effort. The Taliban negotiator is not Mansour but a total imposter who apparently has no connection to the Taliban whatsoever. Officials now believe that it was just a con game played on the upper echelons of the Afghan government and British and American military, perpetuated by an individual whose sole aim was to get some money for himself. Maybe that is why the Taliban constantly claimed that they were not in negotiations with the Afghan government, because they really weren’t. government ever take a pulse or check an id?

Another article in the December 3, 2010 issue of The Week magazine reviewed how the Mexican government is urging any Mexicans, who are living in the United States and who are returning to Mexico for the Christmas holidays, to travel in convoys when they return. This is a safety suggestion since many returning Mexicans are known to be carrying money and gifts and could be targets of the drug cartels, robbers, and kidnappers. The government has actually set up a convoy coordination agency and suggests that all holiday traveling be done in daylight.

Sound familiar? Fortunately, this situation has not yet happened in the United States. But unless we come up with a strategy that effectively addresses the drug problem in this country, who knows when and how deeply the Mexican drug cartel induced lawlessness will cross the border and prompt similar warnings in this country?

See, we are not the only country who has to deal with corrupt, pompous, sexually active, and incompetent politicians. Makes you wonder what type of people are drawn to the world of politics, regardless of where they live. The sad part is we are subjected to their craziness, greed, and incompetence without ever getting a major problem solved that would affect a large segment of the population.

That is why term limits is a good idea for this country as well as the rest of the world.

And while we are at it, after we implement term limits, we need to implement processes to address the drug problem in the United States and implement a process to address the illegal immigration problem in the country, two steps that are needed to prevent the Mexican convoy problem from becoming a United States convoy problem. That is one act of craziness we do not need in this country.

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ralph lauren online There are other classifications that the Internal Revenue Service may review as part of a hardship withdrawal. Plans that offer withdrawals may also be restricted on the amounts that may be withdrawn as well as the source of the funds to be withdrawn. Anyone who is considering a 401k withdrawal option must not only understand the plan limitations

401k Withdrawal Options and the 401k Hardship Rule

Retirement Plan Withdrawal Options

There are two methods that may be allowed in 401(k) plan documents that allow a participant to withdraw money. One method is by using a 401K hardship withdrawal while the other is a loan. These two 401k withdrawal options may both be used for hardship but both have a very different impact on a 401k plan. Specifically, a 401k hardship rule withdrawal cannot be repaid, must be claimed as a withdrawal (subject to tax and penalties) and may also result in a penalty period where you may not be allowed to invest in the 401k for a specified period of time. While some rules are mandated by the Internal Revenue Service, plan administrators often have a wide berth when it comes to specific plan details. Whether a 401(k) account holder will be allowed to do this is largely dependent on the retirement plan documents.

Another option that may be beneficial to consider is rolling 401(k) funds from the 401(k) to an individual retirement account (IRA) which would be considered a rollover. These funds may then be withdrawn from the rollover account but may not be restricted in the same manner that a 401(k) withdrawal would be restricted. This is called an in service distribution.

Hardship Rules Per IRS Rules

While each plan administrator is allowed to determine for themselves what the 401k hardship rule guidelines are for the individual plans, the Internal Revenue Service requires that specific criteria be met for those who are interested in drawing from their 401K. 401k hardship withdrawal that do not meet the basic criteria may be subjected to withdrawal penalties in addition to tax withholding. Here are some of the basic 401k hardship withdrawal rules that are imposed by the IRS.

Defining hardship The IRS states that in order for a withdrawal to be considered a hardship, the funds that are needed must be to fill an immediate financial need. This means that sudden issues such as buying a new home, home foreclosure, past due rental expenses that may result in eviction, continuing education costs and funeral expenses (among others) would define a hardship. Wanting to purchase a second home, a television or a car would unlikely be considered appropriate for a hardship withdrawal;

Additional resources The IRS further states that if a hardship withdrawal is allowed then the person withdrawing may be required to prove that they did not have alternate resources available to them. Alternate resources may include certificates of deposit that are not in IRA accounts, savings accounts, second homes without mortgages and even insurance settlements. These need not belong to the 401(k) holder, but may also belong to a spouse or dependent child.

There are other classifications that the Internal Revenue Service may review as part of a hardship withdrawal. Plans that offer withdrawals may also be restricted on the amounts that may be withdrawn as well as the source of the funds to be withdrawn. Anyone who is considering a 401k withdrawal option must not only understand the plan limitations, but should also be aware of the IRS 401k hardship rule.

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Based Security Solution for AWS Federal Customers

McAfee announced on Monday that it will offer its Host Based Security Solution (HBSS) to federal government AWS customers. McAfee will also be migrating existing tools and products to the AWS cloud, with the help of InfoReliance.

HBSS is a security architecture which is deployed throughout the Department of Defense (DoD), and is the first in a series of SaaS offerings enabled by InfoReliance. HBSS is a suite of commercial off the shelf products which detect, monitor, and mitigate network and system threats, and is implemented on over five million DoD systems.

"Our DoD customers said they wanted to transition to the cloud and we listened," Ken Kartsen, VP of Federal at McAfee said. "We’re embracing cloud through strategic investments across our portfolio of network and endpoint cybersecurity technologies so they will be interoperable with AWS. We wanted to lead with a cloud offering for HBSS as it is so critical to the security of DoD systems."

AWS provides services not only for the DoD but for other federal government agencies as well. A contract with the CIA was awarded to AWS in 2013 after a protracted legal battle involving IBM, which has traditionally led the federal government IT market.

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HBSS for AWS will be commercially available this month.

Federal agencies are expected to continue to adopt cloud services under the "Cloud First" mandate, in part in order to save as much as $20.5 billion per year. However, adoption has been slowed by a variety of challenges, including security concerns.

Security was one of the main concerns which caused the DoD to revisit its cloud strategy earlier this year.

Naturally, cloud service providers are jumping at the chance to help the feds figure it all out. Layered Tech launched a cloud platform for federal agencies in July, and AT announced the launch of a cloud storage service for federal government agencies last week.

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More often than not,
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